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Tuesday 28 November 2017

Celebs Who Ivanka Trump Follows On Instagram Are Posting This Message For Her

Celebs Who Ivanka Trump Follows On Instagram Are Posting This Message For Her

While most of us were preoccupied with turkey dinners and Black Friday deals this past weekend, a number of celebrities were reaching out to Ivanka Trump via Instagram.
Those who attempted to grab Ivanka's attention were concerned about immigration rights in the United States, specifically the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) or Clean Dream Act. 

Last week, Ivanka and her family kicked off the country's Thanksgiving celebrations.

Ivanka took part in the annual turkey pardoning ceremony, where her father, Donald Trump, officially pardoned Drumstick the turkey. 

The celebrations came a few short months after the Trump administration announced they were eliminating DACA. 

The Obama-era program allowed certain people who had immigrated illegally into the U.S. as minors to have their deportation deferred for two years and be eligible for a work permit.

Sophia Amoruso hoped she could reverse this action by reaching out to Ivanka Trump. 

Ivanka doesn't actually follow Sophia on Instagram, but she urged her celebrity friends who werefollowed by Ivanka to repost this message.

Sophia is the founder of Nasty Gal clothing and the star of the Netflix show Girlboss.

Sophia also posted the message to Twitter, saying, "I met Ivanka once years ago, and she was kind to me. I hope you’ll continue that kindness, @IvankaTrump."

Comedian Amy Schumer decided to repost the message.

"Come on sister!" she captioned the post.
Amy has been known to criticize President Trump and his policies in her past stand-up acts.

Cara Delevingne also reposted the message for Ivanka.

Cara is also a big supporter of climate change awareness. 
She's been vocal about her opinion on the matter, going so far as to address Trump in an Instagram post.

Entrepreneur Audrey Gelman reposted the message on her Instagram, as well.

Back in 2008, Audrey was a press aide for Hillary Clinton. 
Later, she cofounded The Wing, a community space for women.

Actress Sophia Bush reposted the message, too.

Sophia has openly voiced her opinions about the president and his policies for some time now.
She's been highly involved in online activism since Trump's election.

Model Alexa Chung decided to repost the message, as well.

"Happy Holidays. Thank you @sophiaamoruso I pinched your graphic," captioned Alexa.
This is the first time the model has spoken out about political policies.

Olivia Wilde, who once led a protest against Donald Trump, also reposted the message.

Back in August of this year, Olivia marched alongside Mark Ruffalo and Michael Moore in a protest against the president.

Many celebrities didn't repost the message but still openly support the DACA program.

Ellen DeGeneres went on live TV sporting this t-shirt, which includes a phrase often associated with supporting the policy.

Mark Ruffalo is also a proud supporter of the DACA act.

Mark made his disappointment public on Twitter after learning the the Trump administration was going to eliminate the immigration policy.

Gigi Hadid let everyone know that she supported the program with an Instagram post.

In 2016, Gigi received backlash after doing a Melania Trump impression while hosting the American Music Awards.

Kesha also supports the DACA program.

"I stand with the DREAMers right to stay legally in the country that they grew up in. Please tell your representatives," said Kesha in an Instagram post.

Paris Hilton approves of the DACA policy as well.

"I stand with the #Dreamers 💯#DefendDACA," captioned Paris in this post, which showcases some of the lyrics from the classic American folk song "This Land Is Your Land."

As of now, Ivanka has not responded to the Instagram messages.

Ivanka has continued posting on Instagram without addressing the celebrities who have attempted to reach out to her.
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