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Saturday, 4 November 2017

How To Say Goodbye To Those Pesky Under-Eye Circles

How To Say Goodbye To Those Pesky Under-Eye Circles

Do you ever wake up, look in the mirror, and are horrified by the dark, puffy under-eye bags confronting you? We all have those days when under-eye circles decide to be part of our outfits, and it can sometimes feel like a huge downer.
Fortunately, there are many different ways you can combat under-eye issues and replace them with refreshed, more awake-looking eyes. You can thank us later!

1. Your Sleep Position Matters

Sleeping on your stomach can make dark circles worse, as gravity causes blood to pool under your eyes. To reduce puffiness and swelling, consider sleeping on your back...and adding an extra pillow

2. Get Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer

These dermatologist-recommended under-eye patches are full of antioxidants and retinol, which reduce swelling, plump skin, and stimulate collagen growth. Also, how cute is the name?!

3. Know Your Skin Tone

Dermatologist Sonia Batra explains that darker and olive-toned complexions are more prone to under-eye discoloration. She suggests using a pink- or orange-toned concealer, as they're more effective for these skin tones. 

4. Check Out Some Essential Oils

There are multiple essential oils that work to combat swelling and dark under-eye circles. Rose, geranium, fennel, lavender, German chamomile, and rosemary essential oils are among the best of them!

5. Get A Good Night's Sleep

When you don't get enough sleep, the blood vessels under the eye tend to dilate, which can create dark, discolored under-eyes. Aim for a seven-hour sleep to wake up looking and feeling refreshed.

6. Use Caffeinated Teabags

No derma-roller? No problem. Placing pre-soaked, caffeinated black tea bags under your eyes can constrict body tissue which, in turn, reduces puffiness. The best part about this treatment? It's cheap! 

7. Get Some Preparation H

So this may sound super bizarre, but Preparation H causes blood vessels on muscle walls to constrict. Dermatologist Annie Chiu warns it might be irritating to some people but can work well as a quick fix. 

8. Snag A Derma-Roller 

The derma-roller craze is upon us. Many people swear by this dermatologist favorite, which consists of many tiny needles designed to stimulate blood flow and combat acne, scarring, sun spots, and wrinkles. 

9. Stay Hydrated 

Drinking lots of water ensures that you stay hydrated throughout the day, and it also improves blood circulation. If circulation is boosted, it means less blood gathers under your eyes, which is what creates puffiness. 

10. Get Yourself A Jade Roller

You've likely seen beauty bloggers raving about jade rollers, which are meant to shift excess fluid away from your under-eyes and promote blood-level constriction throughout the face. Plus, they're just sopretty. 

11. Splurge On Dr. Barbara Sturm Eye Cream

This cult favorite is a cooling, lifting eye cream that you gently pat onto your under-eyes for a non-invasive de-puffing treatment. Although it's not cheap (at $140), it apparently works wonders. 

12. Pick Up A Good Concealer 

If all else fails, there's nothing like a good concealer to hide dark, tired under-eyes. Shape Tape by Tarte has been receiving rave reviews for its powerful coverage and long-lasting formula.

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