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Sunday 12 November 2017

Let Your Heart Be Open To New Feelings

Let Your Heart Be Open To New Feelings

 I was hanging out with a couple of girlfriends yesterday and one of them was having a bit of a crisis because this new guy she was dating was starting to end up like all the crappy guys she had been with before him. 
I know that feeling — I think we all do. It's the worst. 
But the other friend who was with us said something that was amazingly profound, as she sometimes does. She said she remembered that when they first started hanging out, our friend said she hadn't felt that way since her last great love — so maybe it was possible our friend misread that feeling, and it was actually a bad sign because her last relationship was not healthy at all. 

Maybe when we decide that we only want to know or understand love one way, we close ourselves off to other people and relationships that would be life changing, or at the very least, different. Maybe we keep making the same mistakes in relationships because we aren't learning something about ourselves that we need to know. 

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