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Thursday 16 November 2017

Sarah Hyland's Response To Being Shamed On Instagram Is Amazing

Sarah Hyland's Response To Being Shamed On Instagram Is Amazing

 When most of us post selfies, we don't get DMs from strangers lecturing us on the extent to which we should and should not share in regard to our personal lives.

But for whatever reason, some people feel it's their divine duty to explain the (totally subjective) moral criteria for proper selfie etiquette to famous people like Sarah Hyland.

Sarah posted this photo with her boyfriend, Adam Wells, and her bloodhound, Carl, on Instagram.

Sarah and her boyfriend are clearly in bed together which, understandably, possesses some sexual undertones.
Evidently, one of her followers was NOT OK with that.


Not long after Sarah posted the selfie, she tweeted, "Every once in a while I'll go through my direct messages from you guys and see what you're saying and respond!"
During that process, however, she came across this preachy DM that was clearly in response to the bed selfie she had posted the day before.

"She just brought to my attention that that picture I posted might have been inappropriate since we're in bed."

Sarah decided to publically clap back at the woman who sent her the DM:
"So I just have to say I'm so sorry...FOR POSTING AN ADORABLE PICTURE BECASE CARL WAS ACTING LIKE THE NUGGETIEST SNUGGLW BUG!" she tweeted, mocking the moral judgment made in the DM. 

"I do want my privacy. Especially with relationships."

"However...this relationship's tea will only be spilled on social media...for now," wrote Sarah. 
"I still want you all to be updated. Because you guys are the greatest fans in the world," she added, "I will share what I [d]eem appropriate on social media."

"Also I just put on my glasses and noticed all the autocorrect typos."

After saying her peace, Sarah's clap back took a hilarious turn once she realized all the spelling errors she had made.
"I'm gonna let it be cause... I honestly really don't have the time... it's just gonna bother me all day... like a... like a... mosquito bite... or an itchy tag in your panties... or a painting that's JUST not straight enough," tweeted Sarah

You know what else is annoying? Preachy randoms.

Look, if you're bothered by Sarah's bedroom selfie, it may be beneficial to ask yourself, "Why?"
What is it about a woman sharing a glimpse into her sexual life that annoys you so much? And what is preventing you from clicking the "Unfollow" button if you don't approve of the content of Sarah's Instagram?
If you can answer either of these questions without coming off as a holier-than-thou hater, we'd be seriously impressed.
COMMENT and tell us your opinion on Sarah Hyland's selfie.

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