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Monday 13 November 2017

These Are The 16 Most Trusted Celebrities In Hollywood, And We Stan Them All

 These Are The 16 Most Trusted Celebrities In Hollywood, And We Stan Them All

Let's face it: it's been a really rough year for Hollywood news. While we are thrilled to see so many horrible people being ousted for their behavior, hearing about it daily can really take a toll.

So let's revisit some of the celebrities that have proved they are not complete garbage! These are the top celebs that we totally trust... 

1. Tom Hanks 

Let's get this one out of the way because you knew Tom Hanks was going to be on this list. 
He is literally America's dad, and we trust him with our whole hearts. 

2. Meryl Streep 

Oh, and of course we trust Meryl Streep! 
Just like Tom Hanks, we can't help but trust Meryl Streep because she's just so charming. She is literally an angel walking among us, and we are not worthy. 

3. Maggie Smith 

In my opinion, Maggie Smith can do no wrong. She just seems like such a sweetheart. How could you not trust Minerva McGonagall?
She's also been in the public eye for almost 60 years, so she's earned our trust by now. 

4. Sean Astin 

We've loved Sean Astin ever since we first saw him in The Goonies, and he's continued to charm us time and time again over the years. This story about him sending a book to a fan is everything. 

5. Hugh Jackman 

Hugh Jackman just seems like a great dude. 
Not only is he an incredibly talented actor and singer but he does a ton of charity work and uses his Twitter account to raise awareness about causes he supports.  

6. Morgan Freeman

Um, he's literally God! Of course we trust him! 
Morgan Freeman could say almost anything to us with that iconic voice of his, and we'd believe it without hesitation. 

7. Stephen Colbert

He's charming, hilarious, and tells it like it is. 
We loved him on The Colbert Report, and we love him even more on The Late Show. Never change, Stephen. 

8. Emma Watson 

Emma Watson is one of the youngest celebrities on this list, but she has definitely earned her spot. 
We love her for carrying herself with such grace and standing up for social issues. Plus, she's Hermione!

9. Mark Ruffalo 

Mark Ruffalo must be protected at all costs.
He's an adorable goofball and is actually so relatable. I've got to trust a guy who almost spoiled his own movie because he didn't know how to turn of his Instagram livestream. You're great, Mark. 

10. Idris Elba

Last year, Time named Idris Elba one of the top 100 most influential people in the world, so he's definitely doing something right!
He is the leading man that we all deserve, and we love him. 

11. Chris Evans 

Chris Evans is slowly becoming one of my favorite celebrities. In fact, he is becoming more and more like Steve Rogers aka Captain America every day. 
He's constantly fighting for what's right on Twitter, and we have to trust a guy who loves his dog so much! 

12. Jennifer Aniston 

Jennifer Aniston is literally America's sweetheart, and we are pretty sure she can do no wrong! We would trust this woman with our lives because there's definitely not a single malicious bone in her body. 
We will stan forever. 

13. Colin Firth 

Just look at that face! Colin Firth has probably never told a lie (well, aside from pretending to be someone he's not for a living).  
When he's not crushing it on the screen, Firth is also a human rights and environmental activist. He's the man!

14. Denzel Washington 

Denzel Washington is one of those actors that manages to seem incredibly cool as well as super nice. 
Before he became a household name, he literally considered becoming a preacher! Yeah, we trust him. 

15. Betty White

This woman is 95 years old, and she still brings so much joy to the world. 
According to Forbes Magazine, she was the fifth most trusted celebrity of 2014, and she's just as trustworthy today. 

16. And finally, Gina Rodriguez 

She is an actual angel and her charity work is so, so incredible. We love you, Gina. 
Did we miss anyone? Which celebrities do you shamelessly trust? COMMENT and let us know! 

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