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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

These DIY 'Baby's First Christmas' Ornaments Will Make You Go 'Awww'

These DIY 'Baby's First Christmas' Ornaments Will Make You Go 'Awww'

Celebrating milestones is a big deal — especially once you start to have kids. Your baby's first Christmas is an exciting time to celebrate everything they (and really, you) have accomplished since they came into your life. 
Here are some of our favorite ways to commemorate "Baby's First Christmas" with a roundup of adorable DIY ornaments.

1. Baby's First Ultrasound Ornament

Slap a little ribbon on it and call it an ornament! You'll be sure to elicit a lot of awws when your friends and family see this cutie pie on your tree.

2. Wood Slice Ornament

Are you into more of a rustic look? Grab a wood slice and a little paint, bust out your calligraphy skills, and you've got yourself the perfect rustic ornament.

3. Footprint Christmas Tree Ornament

How absolutely adorable is this? Use your kid's feet to form a tree, and make lights with their thumbprints. Feeling extra sentimental? Make the lights with the thumbprints of you and your partner. Awww.

4. DIY Thumbprint Clay Snowman Ornament

Go to town with the clay and make these thumbprint snowman ornaments for every one of your family and friends. They'll keep it forever, I promise.

5. Thumbprint Christmas Lights Ornament

As easy as putting some paint on an ornament is, I can't imagine it's too easy to get your baby's thumbprint on an ornament without getting it everywhere else too — but it'll be worth it for something this cute!

6. Pregnancy Announcement Ornament

Not only is this absolutely adorable with the sleeping baby and birth year, it's the perfect ornament that looks like you could have made it yourself — even if you cave and buy it off of Etsy.

7. Name & Birth Year Ornament

Are you really a true crafter if you don't have a vinyl cutter nearby? These ornaments are so cute you could probably sell them to everyone on your block. 

8. Hospital Scrapbook Ornament

Toss everything from your baby's first days of life and put it into a large clear ornament to display on your tree — or even all year round. 

9. Old Mitten Ornament

Babies grow fast, especially within that first year. Use some of the old clothing items they grew out of in their first year and hang them as ornaments year after year. 

10. Beaded Angel Ornament

This would make a super adorable handmade gift to new parents at Christmas time to celebrate their first holiday season with their special bundle of joy.

11. Glitter Hand Print Ornament

How cute would it be to make these every year with your kids to see their growth year after year? I don't even care how extra that glitter is!

12. Clay Footprint Holly Ornament

Deck the halls with boughs of cuties, fa la la la la... But actually though, how cute is this tiny clay footprint holly ornament?

13. DIY Footprint Mistletoes Ornament

If you thought the boughs of holly were absolutely adorable, you're going to definitely love these mistletoes! These would be even cuter if you had twins... aww!

14. Hospital Socks Mouse Ornament

Using the socks your little bundle of joy came home in, make these adorable sleeping mice. Want to up the ante? Dye the socks red to make them stockings!

15. DIY Scabble Piece Ornament

We all know someone with a game of Scabble laying around somewhere not getting the love it deserves. Instead, use the unwanted pieces for this super cute DIY ornament

Now you've got to choose which ones to make!

Pat yourself on a job well done — you've gotten through a few months of parenting, and your Christmas tree is going to look amazing!
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