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Thursday 16 November 2017

These Things Make Me Scared To Be A Parent

These Things Make Me Scared To Be A Parent

I have just recently earned the title of Aunt. As much as I am prepared to be the cool person that isn't responsible for discipline, I'm not sure I could ever handle a miniature version of myself. We will see.

It's bad enough with cats

Having two cats, I have forgotten what the true meaning of privacy is. At least the worst they do is meow and look at you funny while you're doing your business. I would never get anything done with a little person telling me to hurry up.

I'm not prepared for this

I was a picky eater myself as a kid. My parents would make me sit at the table until I ate an acceptable amount. I don't think I have the strength or willpower to do the same to another person.

*Averts eyes*

It's hard enough getting myself to sleep, let alone a smaller human. I'm not sure I'm ready for the sacrifice or permanent baggy-eyed look. It wouldn't suit me at all.

Is this the only way to get "me" time?

For now, I need to find the equivalent solution for my cats. I'll be sure to use this idea when the time comes.

The horror!

If I ever win the lottery, my dream is to start an animal sanctuary. My children are not going to tamper with that dream. That's what allergy pills are for, right?

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