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Thursday, 16 November 2017

This App Shows You What You Would Look Like Without Makeup, And It's Pretty Rude

This App Shows You What You Would Look Like Without Makeup, And It's Pretty Rude

The internet is talking about this new app called MakeApp, and nobody is happy with it.

All you have to do is take a picture of yourself. The app's various filters then show you what you look like with different makeup styles as well as what you would look like without makeup on.
Sounds cool, except it's pretty rude, and we're not having it.

This app called MakeApp is giving people the opportunity to see what they look like without any makeup on.

Why anybody would be interested in this in the first place is beyond me, but here we are.

The app shows women without makeup looking dull, ill, and typically much worse than they actually do.

Unsurprisingly, the app was developed by a man — one who clearly hasn't grasped that women can look great without makeup on.

We tested it out for ourselves, and as expected, it's pretty disappointing.

This is my manager, Christyn. She's wearing hardly any makeup to begin with (just some mascara and eyeliner — no foundation or concealer).
The app was less than kind to her skin and actually gave her imperfections that don't exist IRL.

Now, as I mentioned before, the app also shows you what you would look like with various makeup styles.

It definitely goes overboard, but it is fun to play around and see what you would look like with different lip colors, for example.

This is a before and after comparison of my coworker, Rana.

She was pretty shook that the app removed her brows, even though they were naturally full without any makeup.
Also, she's not wearing foundation. The app just went ahead and RUINED that flawless skin she's rocking.

The app was less than kind to me, as well.

I mean, I get that I'm pale, but I literally look ill here. It takes any natural glow you may have and squashes it without remorse. 
It also dulled my natural eye color, which is weird, no?

For reference, this is what I actually look like with no makeup on.

I don't have the most confidence when I'm bare-faced, but this app really makes you feel like the lowest of the low.

And this is my lovely content editor, Diana.

Interestingly enough, this is one that the app kind of got right. 
She was mostly impressed with how the app got her pre-makeup eyebrows accurate.

What do you think? Here's an IRL makeup-free photo for comparison.

As much as I don't want to, I will give the app credit for being accurate here. It didn't make her look washed out or give her blemishes that didn't exist, as it should be.

Meanwhile, my fellow writer, Celine, saw her "after" picture and instantly shouted, "I look ill!"

Clearly, she's wearing makeup in the first image, but her brows are natural in the "before" shot, and the app totally messed with them. It also gave her red skin and dull eyes.

I wanted to try the app on a male, and Chris Pratt was the unsuspecting subject here.

It's interesting that even though he's obviously not wearing any makeup, the app aged him at least 10 years.

If you're willing to drop a whole dollar, you can try the app for yourself, but just know that you are way more beautiful than what you'll see on the screen.

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