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Saturday, 4 November 2017

This Woman Transforms Into A Real-Life Bratz Doll, And It's Amazing

This Woman Transforms Into A Real-Life Bratz Doll, And It's Amazing

Makeup is no joke. It can hide your acne, cover up a scar, and transform your face — that is, depending on how you use it. Your short lashes can somehow look long and voluminous with just a little bit of mascara. Pretty magical, huh?
That's a simple example, but some makeup artists can do a whole lot more with nothing else but makeup. Like, I'm talking about looking like a completely different person.
It's pretty shocking, but that's the artistry and beauty of makeup! 

Meet Promise Tamang!

Calling her a phenomenal makeup artist isn't cutting it, TBH. She doesn't call herself a human chameleon for nothing!

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She can transform into anything and anyone, including men. She transformed into Drake once, and it was absolutely iconic!

If you want to look like Kim Kardashian for the day, then you should give Promise a call! I mean, she has transformed into Kim herself once. She could have passed as a long-lost Kardashian sister! 

Her latest transformation is this Bratz doll look, and it has come at a perfect time. 

People are obsessed with Bratz dolls, and many recreate Bratz doll makeup looks. But I think Promise took it to a whole other level. If it's a competition, I think she's winning. 

She looks exactly like a doll! 

The hair, eyebrows, and especially those lips are so on point! It looks like someone went a little bit overboard with lip fillers. I wonder how she got them to look so plump?
I wish she would go out in public looking like this. I wonder what people's reactions would be! Probably a mix of fear and fascination. 
Do you think she truly looks like a Bratz doll? Comment to let us know! 

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