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Wednesday 15 November 2017

Twitter Uses Powerful #MeAt14 To Show Us 14 Is Too Young For Consent

Twitter Uses Powerful #MeAt14 To Show Us 14 Is Too Young For Consent

Earlier this week, Leigh Corfman spoke to The Washington Post and officially went on record saying that when she was 14, Roy Moore, the Republican nominee in Alabama for a U.S. Senate seat, made unwanted sexual advances and contact. 

She is just one of many to step forward this year about sexual assault and unwanted advances by powerful men.
In response, The Daily Show co-creator and writer Lizz Winstead posted a picture of herself at 14 and encouraged others to do the same with tag #MeAt14 to prove how young 14 really is and how no one at that age is capable of giving consent. 

1. Here's the picture Lizz posted of herself.

She asked that others post pictures of themselves and responses came pouring in.

2. All the posts show that we know so little about the world — let alone ourselves and our sexuality — at such a young age.

3. Some came forward saying that by the age of 14 they had already faced issues of sexual assault. 

4. When you're 14, it isn't unusual that you wouldn't have had your first kiss.

5. And for many, they had just started Sex Education, only recently learning at 14 how our bodies work and what sex is.

6. Think about it, when you're 14, you're just barely starting high school — you still need permission to use the washroom. 

7. You're not allowed any other responsibilities like driving, working, or seeing certain movies — because you're too young. 

8. There are so many other things that 14-year-olds should be worried about. Giving consent to something they probably don't exactly understand should not be one of them. 

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