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Sunday 19 November 2017

Woman Asks For Help Finding Her Cat Named Pierogi, Twitter Falls Hard For Hide And Seek

Woman Asks For Help Finding Her Cat Named Pierogi, Twitter Falls Hard For Hide And Seek

Cat owners know that their little furbabies have a way of getting into the weirdest places. A Twitter user in Brooklyn found that her cat, Pierogi, had a way of hiding in plain sight and decided to crowdsource Pierogi's location.
This is an internet thing, and it involves a cat, so of course it's blown up.

Get a good look at Grace's cat, Pierogi.

...because pretty soon you'll have no idea where this unassuming kitty is in each pic. Pierogi's a tough cat to pin down.

I'm not going to spoil any of these for you.

That said, it's not like I have any idea where Pierogi is in this pic. She blends into the apartment's white color scheme perfectly.

Okay, there she is.

Sometimes, when it comes to hide and seek, the hider's gotta give the seeker an easy win. Otherwise things just start to get ridiculous — particularly if the hider is a well-camouflaged cat.

I found her! I found her!

These pics really nail down the difference between cats and dogs. Dogs can't bear to be without you while cats disappear into some kind of alternate reality when you're around.

Yeah, Pierogi. This is getting ridiculous.

Some of these are tough, but they beat a Where's Waldo book any day of the week. But seriously, Pierogi. You've gotta help us out a bit here.

In the reflection? On the fridge?

I don't know. If Grace commits herself to finding Pierogi every time she leaves the apartment, she's never, ever going to be on time.

Is she, though?

I mean, you know she's there somewhere. You just need to squint. After a couple of these, I'm seriously seeing cat faces everywhere I look, only for it to be a mirage.

Usually Grace reveals Pierogi's location in the comments.

Needless to say, it's been a big hit among the internet's huge legion of cat fans. Never stop, Grace. The internet will never experience cat fatigue.

This one's a bit different.

You can show this one to someone who's gotten frustrated with the others. They can use their logic to deduce Pierogi's precise location. She's in there somewhere...

There are Pierogi pics for all skill levels.

I'd rate this one 'Novice'. Sometimes you need a few easy ones to get back into the groove after failing at the 'Expert' level.

It's that time again!

...and we're back to the tough ones. Here's a hint: Don't look for the cat. Look for the hint of a cat: the eyes, the ears, and so on.

That five grand is mine!

Spiderman-esque abilities to get into awkward and sky-high places aside, sometimes I think Pierogi gets sick of all the hiding and just wants to be spotted. 

Yes, Twitter loves it.

Again, this is the internet, and Pierogi's a damn cute cat. With the holiday season around the corner, I'd love a "Where's Pierogi?" coffee table book.

Other cat owners are getting into it, too.

Sorry, Marco, my days are busy enough as it is finding Pierogi. I just don't have enough time to factor finding your cat into my routine.

An internet superstar reflects.

It can't be easy finding new and creative places to hide, forever trying to top your last feat. But Pierogi does it for us. She's the hero the internet needs.
What's the weirdest place your cat has ever hidden? Tell us in the comments!

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