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Saturday 25 November 2017

Woman Claims That She Was Bound To Cheat On Her Partners Because She Is Too 'Gorgeous'

Woman Claims That She Was Bound To Cheat On Her Partners Because She Is Too 'Gorgeous'

Infidelity is one of those topics that most of us want to ignore, but it plays a surprisingly big role in people's lives. There are some people who are completely happy in a monogamous relationship while others can't help their wandering eyes. What separates the loyal ones from those who stray?
Writer Julia Stephenson thinks that how attractive you are plays a big role in whether you yourself will cheat. She believes that the temptation she felt and gave in to in the past was bound to happen because she was "too attractive." Let's take a look at Julia's story and the research she uses to back up her points. 
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There's no denying that being young is an exciting time in anyone's life. 

Temptation abounds and, at a young age, you just want to have a good time and try out different relationships. Oh, and most of us would agree that the best part about our early adulthood years is how attractive we thought we were. 

Meet writer Julia Stephenson. She claims to have been afflicted with such attractiveness that her life has been wrought with enormous temptation. 

You may be struck by her confidence, but she definitely explains herself...

It all started during her first marriage when she was 26 years old.

 Here is a photo of Julia's wedding day in 1989. 

Unfortunately, this marriage only lasted 18 months because "someone had flattered me and seduced me and, stupidly, I didn't have the backbone to say 'No'." 

What makes things worse is who she cheated on her husband with. 

"I ended up leaving him for one of his rivals: a banker with blond hair and chiseled features who was introduced to me by a female friend," she explained in her article.

 Ouch, that's a tough one for sure. 

She went on to explain, though, that her new partner left her insecure and jealous because of his attractiveness, something she believes her previous husband had to deal with constantly. 

In an article that Julia wrote herself in the Daily Mail, she describeshow things could have been different: "I believe that had I not been so beautiful, I might still be married to the man I once loved."

At first, this may in fact seem vain, but she goes on to cite research showing that this may actually be the case...

She explains that recent research conducted at Harvard University shows that celebrity couples are more likely to divorce than other couples, but it's not only celebrities. Being attractive in general, even if you're not famous, is associated with higher divorce rates. 

While it is the case that attractiveness may play a role in garnering tempting offers from potential flings, it's not true that every attractive person cheats. Julia explained that men would always throw themselves at her, even at the most surprising times. 

 Julia described one situation in which a random man stopped in his tracks to talk to her in the past. 

"For example, one afternoon I walked out of the hairdresser’s with a friend, only to have a gorgeous young man screech to a halt in his open-top Ferrari in front of me. ‘I couldn’t have lived with myself if I’d driven past you,’ he said." Relationships came and went for Julia over the next several years and she knew that this would likely continue. "As a beautiful woman, I never had that fear I would be left alone," she said. 

 As the years passed, Julia claims that her behavior has changed dramatically. 

"It was only when middle age struck, bringing with it at last a rather more mature frame of mind, that I began to tire of it all." Fewer and fewer men are throwing themselves at her these days, she says.

 "So I changed my ways, and my expectations. I was 42 when I met my partner Steve, a 60-year-old eco-builder," said Julia. 

She insists that Steve isn't the playboy type she used to be attracted to. Hopefully Julia has found happiness in her life after having such a rocky history with love. Leave a COMMENT on Facebook letting us know what you think of Julia's story. 

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