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Thursday 21 December 2017

12 Movie And TV Props That Were So Hilariously Bad We Couldn't Focus On Anything Else

12 Movie And TV Props That Were So Hilariously Bad We Couldn't Focus On Anything Else

A really bad prop can derail an entire scene, and it can also remind the audience that what they're watching isn't actually real. 
However, forget all of that, because they can also be really, really funny. 
From rubber swords to poorly disguised everyday items, these are the worst props in movies and TV shows that we've ever seen...

1. The fake baby in American Sniper.

The fake baby in American Sniper deserves an Oscar because it stole the show! 
I love that Bradley Cooper really tried to make it look like it was moving. This whole scene was like a bad school play. 

2. The very obvious toy car in In Time.

I literally cannot stop watching this clip from In Time. It might be the best worst prop I've ever seen. 
That's a toy car, people. Who did they think they were going to fool?

3. The rubber sword in Game of Thrones.

Jon Snow may be the King in the North, but he's going to have a lot of trouble slaying White Walkers with a rubber sword. 
You'd think a show with as much money as Game of Thrones would have caught this brutal mistake. 

4. This air canister that's totally visible in Gladiator.

When one of the chariots in Gladiator flips over, you can see the air canister that probably helped make that flip possible. 
At least the flip looked cool. 

5. Okay, ouch! Can we talk about how Rose totally hits Jack's wrists with that axe?

Also, if you watch closely, it's pretty obvious that Leo snaps the handcuff chains just before the ax hits him. 
I'll still never forgive Rose for pulling this stunt with her eye closed! 

6. Hey, Terminator! Real knives don't bend like that. 

There's a super strange at the beginning of The Terminator where a biker attempts to stab the Terminator, but the knife bends. 
I get that the knife wasn't going to do much damage, but I'm positive it should have snapped rather than bend. 

7. This exotic alien creature in Star Trek that is very much a dog with a horn strapped to it head. 

This is my new favorite image on the internet. 
I guess Star Trek had just run out of ideas that day because that's the only explanation for this lazy prop. 

8. Ummm, be careful with that comlink, Qui-Gon, because it's actually a razor. 

I mean, I've heard of Jedi mind tricks, but I think that Qui-Gon should probably use something else to get in touch with the Jedi Council.  
All that's going to do is mess up his excellent beard. 

9. What's that high-tech space device hanging from your wall, Anakin? 

Because it sure looks a lot like the ball scooper toy we used in my grade school gym classes. 

10. Now you know why the signal jamming device in V For Vendetta looked so familiar. 

Because it's literally that dollar store reading lamp we all had. You know, the one that broke after three uses. 

11. We're not sure how we missed these Dyson hand dryers in Star Trek. 

These are literally the exact same hand dryers that are in most movie theater bathrooms. 
That said, those dryers are pretty efficient, so maybe I'll give this bad prop a pass.

12. The guns in Terra Nova are literally just Nerf guns painted black.

Well, that is certainly a lot less intimidating. I'm 100% positive that I had that same exact model of Nerf gun when I was a kid. 

13. In The Empire Strikes Back, during the evacuation of Cloud City, you can see a guy running with what's clearly an ice cream maker. 

He became such a popular character that he got his own action figure, and fans even cosplay as him at conventions. 

14. The lightsabers in Star Wars are actually just old-school camera flash parts. 

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a "bad prop," but it was definitely spotted really quickly by camera nerds everywhere. 

15. The dermal regenerators in Star Trek: Voyager are potato peelers. 

Okay, who are they trying to kid with this prop?
Someone definitely just grabbed a potato peeler out of their kitchen and was like, "Screw it, this will do."

16. The guards in Total Recall are always ready for a math emergency because they all have calculators taped to their wrists. 

Once you've seen this, it literally can't be unseen. What a bunch of nerds, amirite?

17. Doctor Who once used a USB as a hologram device, because no one is going to recognize on of the most used computer connectors on the planet, right? 

Guys, everyone knows what a USB cable looks like. 

18. The heat-seeking rocket in xXx: Return of Xander Cage looked so familiar because it was actually just a modified camcorder. 

I'm pretty sure this is the same camera that moms everywhere brought to their kid's elementary school graduations and bad plays. 

19. Jon Snow's epic cloak in Game of Thrones was revealed to be a rug from Ikea. 

Who knew that the King in the North is surprisingly frugal?
Your next GoT Halloween costume just got that much easier to make

20. And finally, remember that guy in Lost who had a device that monitored his heart or whatever? 

Well, pretty much every musician who watched this episode recognized the "device" as a guitar tuner. 
What's the worst prop you've ever seen? COMMENT and let us know, and don't forget to SHARE. 

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