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Saturday 2 December 2017

13 Struggles Of That SAHM Life

13 Struggles Of That SAHM Life

Being a stay at home mom isn't the vacation everyone seems to think it is. Like, can you even tell me the last time you showered? The house is never clean enough for you to relax, the kids are never entertained enough to chill, and you haven't been alone in YEARS. But, you love it.
Let the complex begin! 

1. Pants or no pants?

Do you have plans? Is company about to stop by unannounced? Leggings/sweatpants are just so comfortable. Besides, the kids don't care right?! Actually, why is this even a question? No pants it is! 

2. Snacks all day, erryday.

The kids are hungry, and now that they brought it up, so are you! So many snacks, so little time for eating, and so many temptations! 

3. Knowing the truth about cuteness.

Everyone will comment on how cute your kids are, but you have to deal with their hellion attitudes all day. Try your best to smile and say thank you, of course. 

4. Have you even showered this week?

No, really? Do you remember? When making sure everyone else is clean, it's hard to pin down your own hygiene. Sniff checks, of course, aren't always accurate, especially when you're unsure about the state of the laundry...

5. Zero personal space.

Trying to go to the bathroom with a little privacy? Yeah... That's a thing of the past. In fact, good luck trying to do anything on your own with even the smallest hint of personal space. 

6. Leave the house, or nah?

There are just sooo many people to get ready. Hair to comb, teeth to brush, clothes to be put on. Then you have to pack a bag and load it all up. All of that before you even leave. Sigh. 

7. Keeping structure — the biggest joke there ever was. 

Look kids, just because you're home doesn't mean you can watch TV and eat mac and cheese all day. Moms WILL have order! They WILL get things done! And they WILL teach you routines! Oh who are we kidding?

8. Entertainment on repeat.

Sure, some kiddie shows aren't that bad. But when you see them for the thousandth time, it becomes too much to handle. No promises that copies of their favorite DVDs won't go missing! 

9. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Anyone's kids get tired of listening to moms all day? The dad threat only works for so long. Luckily you can count down the days until they're off at school! 

10. Sharing EVERYTHING. 

You could fix liverwurst and pickled eggs and as soon as the kids saw you eat, alone (gasp!), they'd be all over you, begging you to share. Good luck trying to get anything off their plate though! 

11. No down time, and no days off.

As a SAHM, you get no sleep, have to do all the chores, plus child rearing to top it off. (And husbands wonder why nothing gets done!) Forget time to relax!

12. What adult-only outings?

EVERYWHERE you go means dragging a few kids with you. Like, good luck finding a sitter. Actually, if you got one, gimme that name! I need a break from all this stay at home stuff.

13. Nothing is ever where it's supposed to be. 

Toys in the kitchen sink, cars in the laundry room, cups on the edge of the tub. If kids can tote it, you can bet you'll find it anywhere besides where you need it. 

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