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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

16 Countries That Are Dirt Cheap To Travel To Right Now

16 Countries That Are Dirt Cheap To Travel To Right Now

Once the holidays are over, the winter doldrums set in.
It's awesome to be able to get away, but a) travel is expensive, and b) nobody has the time to seek out decent deals.
Relax, we got you. If you're looking for a change of scenery without breaking the bank, consider these destinations.

1. Iceland

For whatever reason, there's a cheap flight pipeline between Canada and Iceland. If your ideal winter vacation includes volcanoes and lots and lots of ice, consider Iceland.
If you can make your way to Toronto or Montreal, round trips to Reykjavik can be had for under $500 Canadian.

2. Poland

In the heart of the EU sits Poland. You can use Warsaw as a hub to visit the rest of Europe, or just stay put and experience Poland's old world charm. 
The best part of traveling to Poland is how cheap it is when you arrive. Food is cheap and Airbnb rentals are super affordable.

3. Mexico

It's just south of the border, so you don't even necessarily need to book a flight. 
In Mexico, it's all about cashing in on the exchange rate. One American dollar is equivalent to about 20 pesos, meaning you'll have lots of buying power without spending much.

4. Colombia

Further south, Colombia offers an attractive tropical getaway for a reasonable price.
While the sky is the limit in terms of how fancy you want your vacation to be, Colombia's full of budget-friendly eco resorts where you can bunk down on the beach for $10 or $20 a night.

5. Cambodia

There's a good reason that every backpacker and their mother has been to Cambodia: this southeast Asian destination is unlike anywhere else, and — oh yeah — it's super cheap to spend time there.
Explore Buddhist temples and idyllic boat trips for a fraction of what they'd go for elsewhere.

6. Bulgaria

Bulgaria may be overshadowed by other European destinations, but it's a hidden gem. The capital of Sofia is a legit international metropolis, and its beachside resorts along the Black Sea are reasonably priced — you can stay there, in relative luxury, for around $50 a day.

7. Argentina

For Americans, Argentina is more or less due south. This is good, because north-south flights are always cheaper than those of the east-west variety.
Like many of the other destinations on this list, Argentina is budget-friendly when you arrive, with reasonably-priced restaurants and hostels aplenty.

8. England

Brexit hasn't officially happened yet, but the signs are already apparent: The pound is down 30 percent from what it was three years ago.
This means your American dollars can get a very favorable exchange rate when booking flights through UK-based airlines. Once you're there, budget airlines like RyanAir can fly you anywhere.

9. Malta

Get your full Mediterranean experience in Malta, a gorgeous destination smack-dab in the middle of the sea. 
If you can get to Europe, the turquoise waters of Malta are super-accessible. Flights out of the UK and other European destinations can be had for under $50 each way.

10. Zimbabwe

It's worth going for Victoria Falls alone, but Zimbabwe has lots to offer besides natural wonders.
Bargain hunters will appreciate bartering for better deals in the urban centers, and even if you don't want to barter, you can sleep in Zimbabwe for less than $20 a night.

11. Russia

Using the United Kingdom as a jumping-off point, you can visit the Kremlin for pennies on the dollar. 
Flights from the UK to Moscow have never been cheaper. Once you're there, western Russia offers a fascinating look at the country's past — from imperialism to monarchy to communism to the present day

12. Dominican Republic

All-inclusive for the win! The DR is full of resorts where travelers can experience a legit tropical paradise, all for surprisingly low prices.
Vacation packages out of the United States, that include everything from flights to lodging to food to drinks, run as low as $700.

13. Greece

Perhaps you heard about Greece's austerity crisis from a few years back. The aftereffects for the Greek people are unfortunate, but as a traveler you can capitalize on Greece's desire to get its tourism industry afloat again.
Considering the amount of history in Greece, it's a no-brainer to visit while it's still cheap.

14. Ireland

Like Greece, a downturn in the local economy has created a buyer's market for travelers in Ireland.
While flying into Dublin isn't extremely expensive, you can save even more money by flying into rural Galway, where prices are generally cheaper. Once you're there, hostels can be had for less than $50 a night.

15. Czech Republic

Easy to get to thanks to the abundance of low-cost budget airlines operating throughout Europe, the Czech Republic is the quintessential destination on the European mainland.
Public transportation is so cheap it's practically free, while hotels, hostels, and Airbnb rentals probably won't run much higher than $75 a night.

16. Malaysia

A combination of low-budget carriers and reasonably-priced international flights means Malaysia is a very attractive destination — and we're not just talking about natural beauty — for the budget-conscious traveler.
You'll get the most bang for your buck flying within Malaysia, with average flight costs costing a shockingly low amount per mile traveled.

Share your frugal travel tips in the comments!

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