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Saturday, 16 December 2017

16 Hallmark Holiday Movies So Bad They're Good

16 Hallmark Holiday Movies So Bad They're Good

Snowball fights, ice skating, mistletoe, Candace Cameron Bure, near-miss kisses, and a cynic who'll  find all the Christmas spirit. What do these all have in common? They're essential to any Hallmark holiday movie, which is sure to provide you with a predictable love story and an overabundance of cheese. Tune in, because here are 16 holiday Hallmark movies so bad, they're good. 

1. A Royal Christmas

A Royal Christmas is a holiday film you'll like, despite yourself. Girl meets boy. Boy and girl fall in love. Girl finds out boy is a prince. It's a formula that works and although you know exactly how it'll end after five minutes of watching, you'll stay until the end.

2. A Very Merry Mix-Up

When a woman ends up at the wrong house on her way to meet her in-laws for Christmas, she leaves and gets directions to the correct address — NOT! This is Hallmark. She stays, falls in love, and decides she fits in better with this family than the in-laws she never met. Makes perfect sense. 

3. Crown For Christmas

A maid takes a job as a governess to a young princess and moves into a castle, a standard Hallmark movie setting. There are a king and a wicked fiancĂ©e he must marry for dynastic reasons. A ball takes place. The governess wows everyone including the king in a borrowed dress. The end. 

4. A Christmas Detour

A bride-to-be and a man who doesn't believe in love take a road trip after their flights are canceled due to a snowstorm. They take turns driving, chat about the weather, listen to music, get to their destination, and go their separate ways. Oh wait! That can't be right. They obviously fall in love. 

5. Hitched For The Holidays

An attractive man and woman decide to pose as each other's significant other at Christmas in order to fool their meddling families. You've seen it before, but have you seen it with Joey Lawrence? Yes, you probably have, in the ABC Family film My Fake Fiance. But did that one have Christmas? No. Thanks, Hallmark. 

6. Family for Christmas

A successful, single woman wonders what life would be like if she had stayed with her boyfriend. Santa overhears, because he's always listening, and grants her wish. She wakes up a stay-at-home with two kids and a husband. In the end, she chooses to have the family because apparently, women in Hallmark movies can't have both. 

7. A Bride For Christmas

A man makes a bet with his friends that he can convince a woman to marry him by Christmas, which is four weeks away and not exactly in the spirit of Christmas. Have you seen How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days? Then you've almost seen this movie, minus the holiday theme.

8. Christmas Under Wraps

When a young doctor doesn't get the job she wanted, she moves to a small town in Alaska, because that is the logical next step in job searching. Unexpectedly — or predictably if you know you're watching a Hallmark movie — she finds love and Santa lives in this small town too. I literally can't make this up.

9. The Mistletoe Promise

Two people who hate Christmas decide to make a pact to deal with all the holiday festivities together. This mistletoe promise is supposed to be strictly business, and by business, Hallmark means holding hands, hugging, kissing, dating, falling in love, and most likely getting engaged and starting a family. All business here, folks! 

10. A Wish For Christmas

A woman with no backbone (figuratively, not literally) wishes for the courage to stand up for herself. Santa grants her wish, but only for 48 hours. She accomplishes more in 48 hours than I do in a year —she gets a boyfriend, takes charge of her career, and stands up to an awful client. Bravo!

11. Snow Bride

A tabloid reporter follows a juicy story on a rich and wealthy family and accidentally becomes their house guest when she gets snowed in. Rather than waiting out the storm and leaving, she falls in love and marries one of the wealthy sons. A rather perfect predicament if you ask me, and a rather good watch.

12. Every Christmas Has a Story

A television personality accidentally lets it slip on air that she hates Christmas. To repair her image, she spends the holiday in the most Christmas-crazed town with the show's producer, who happens to be her ex-boyfriend. By the end, she loves all things Christmas and all things ex-boyfriend. 

13. Dear Santa

A spoiled young woman falls for the owner of a soup kitchen after discovering a letter his daughter wrote to Santa asking for a wife for her dad. The woman decides to try to be that wife by stalking the dad because that's what love is built on. But she's pretty, so it's romantic.

14. A Cinderella Christmas

Like the title implies, it's literally Christmas meets Cinderella. Instead of leaving behind a glass slipper, she leaves behind her stocking for a wealthy bachelor to find. It's important to note he's wealthy, because it's Hallmark. If you know the story of Cinderella, then you know this one, but you'll watch it anyway.

15. A December Bride

A girl attends her cousin's wedding. Plot twist: she was once engaged to the groom. She brings a date to the event. Plot twist: she tells everyone she and her date are engaged. You'll see it coming. Hallmark twist: these fake fiances actually fall in love and get engaged.

16. The Nine Lives of Christmas

A hunky fireman who enjoys the single life finds a stray cat and it soon reminds him that commitment isn't so bad. Enter a good-looking female vet, sprinkle in a little Christmas, and you have yourself a holiday love story that only Hallmark could pull off. 

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