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Saturday, 16 December 2017

16 Of The Biggest Santa Fails

16 Of The Biggest Santa Fails

As excited as kids are about Santa, they seem to equally fear the man in the big red suit. (Can you blame them?!)

But even when things do go okay on the kid's end, that doesn't mean Santa's got it together. I mean, after riding around the world and working around the clock, he's bound to make a few blunders! Here are some of the best. 

1. Santa was not built for heat.

Unfortunately, high temps got to Santa and his rosy cheeks, leaving him as his own bowl full of jelly. Better luck next year! 
*No Santas were harmed in the making of this photo*

2. Slick road conditions.

This is clearly why Santa lets the reindeer navigate his sleigh. He can't handle wintery road conditions, even when the snow is cotton and full of additional traction.

3. When you weren't a good boy.

Spot decided to plead the fifth when Santa asked whether or not he had been good. Then, he decided to boilt, showing that he had in fact not been a good boy at all.

4. Santa shift relief.

He's OBVIOUSLY fishing! Look, there's a pole, and a line, and is that a fish at the end of a hook we see? No? We swear, he's FISHING, guys! 

5. Ignoring is the best tactic.

If I can't hear the guy, he doesn't exist, right? So why is he still ringing it?! Also, I'll just sit over here and avoid that whole lap situation. Is this over yet? Mom?

6. What nightmares are made of.

You call it a Christmas decoration, we call it ruining Santa for every kid who sees this display. May they all have minimal meltdowns upon seeing Santa sprawled. 

7. Nap time?

Either this kid was in awe of Ol' Saint Nick himself, or he passed out from the exhaustion of waiting line FOREVER. Either way, Mom was smart enough to snap a pic of the momentous event.

8. Face plant.

It looks like Santa got a little top-heavy with all those cookies he ate last year...not to mention washing them down with eggnog for days. Looks like it's time for a more powerful air pump. 

9. This joker, again? 

Diva moment! All this kid wants to do is hang out in peace, read his book, and eat his own cookies...without some strange man drinking all the milk. Duh! 

10. Now see here, Santa.

You can't just give in to the kids! Do you even parent, bro? 
Her shirt might say "Santa baby" but her actions are suggesting otherwise. More like a "Santa, stay away from me" reaction. Santa didn't get the point. 

11. Not today, big guy.

"Did you get it?" Santa asks. *Pet mom posts obligatory picture on social media of her baby being terrified of Santa and trying to get away by any means possible.* 

12. What happens when he's on break

What is this?! Is this supposed to be Santa's fill-in?! These jokesters aren't fooling anyone, in fact, we're just downright scared! WHY IS HE SO SLOUCHY?! WHERE IS HIS NECK?!

13. Some side eye.

This kid definitely isn't trusting of whatever Big Red has going on next to him. He obviously knows of Santa's "I know what you want" trick...and he's not having any of it!

14. Digging for gold.

If Saint Nick won't give you a gift, you go digging for your own gift. That's just logic. Obviously little sis didn't get the memo and ended up disappointed.
And Santa? He's HIDING — a true sign he knows he failed this round.

15. Ninja kicks!

When you hate someone so much that you stoop to miraculous levels of physical feats to get to safety, including ninja kicks, side flips, and 180-degree body throws...you know that guy failed in winning your trust. #ByeForever

16. Help! Anyone?

This kid is super chill in a crisis. He's likely already got the FBI watching him for future use. 
As for Santa? TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS. Like, seriously man, this isn't even about you!

What did this guy ever do to us, anyway?

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