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Sunday 17 December 2017

16 Of The Most Clever Puns On The Internet

16 Of The Most Clever Puns On The Internet

Puns are one of the most underrated forms of comedy. Not only are they associated with the "dad joke," they are highly disregarded among the general public, as "stupid" and "lame."
Although they may be highly underappreciated by the general public, there is at least one place where puns still remain a crucial form of self-expression: comedy, and dare I say it? Perhaps art, too. 
The internet is among the only remaining communities still fluent in the language of puns, and for that, I am forever grateful.

1. Everyone knows you need a seashell to call the ocean and a rotary phone to call any lake, river, or pond. 

I always assumed it was common knowledge, but I guess not.  

2. I know this is just a pun, but I kinda wish it were true. 

Also, do you think actual prisoners would find this crap funny? I would hope so, because otherwise, I'm messing with the wrong crowd.

3. Whoever thought of this has too much time on their hands and not enough things in their hands.

Get a real job, Michael. You can't live with your parents forever!

4. We come into this world alone, and we will leave it alone. 

There is no use wasting your time trying to earn the affection of others when you'll probably end up like this lonely skull. 

5. This is the only wiener I want to stick out of any zipper. 

I would totally boop this snoot so hard. What's the point of having an adorable wiener if you can't whip it out in public?

6. It's your lucky day! Step right up and get a free terrible tearable pun.

Did I mention these pretty dumb puns are absolutely free and 100% terrible? Go ahead. Take one.

7. If we all had a couple Twix up our sleeves, this world would be a much better place. 

Of course, we'd probably all have diabetes, but it would be worth it, obviously. 

8. If I have to explain this pun to you, than you're either too young to be reading this article, or too dumb to get a good pun.

Either way, leave now, please. 

9. Handicat people are extremely sensitive about their purring palms and their furry forearms.

Please be gentle and comment carefully, because if offended, handicats will lash out without warning or hesitation. 

10. Finally, someone asks the important questions. 

Apparently, cowboys (and girls) have been hiding this important information for years. If they're willing to risk it all to hide something this hilarious, I wonder what else they aren't telling us. 

11. Well, mommy's off kissing Santa Claus, so obviously daddy had to get his kicks elsewhere.

What do you expect a man to do? No one likes to be alone on Christmas. 

12. Obviously, this is my new favorite thing on the internet. 

What's not to like? You have a cheeky pun, a Jurassic Park nod, and picture of a pretty cool dinosaur.

13. They saw an opportunity, and they took it. 

Kudos to this driver for making the freeway a funnier place. The force is obviously with him, even if he drives a Toyota. 

14. Well, tip me over and pour me out, why don't you?

Cheers to this tea-rific pun! Get it? Get what I did there? I swapped terrific for tea-rific. This is why they pay me the big bucks, people. 

15. Well, that was close call. This is what happens when the group chat is straight up fire.

If the homies are lighting up the group chat, you can expect a little friendly fire.

16. As if we need another reason to take selfies while pretending to be productive at work.

I already use every reflective surface available as my own personal mirror. I guess this just means more face time with my favorite person — me!

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