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Sunday 10 December 2017

16 'Stranger Things' Facts That Will Make You Appreciate The Show Even More

16 'Stranger Things' Facts That Will Make You Appreciate The Show Even More

So, I'm pretty sure we're all dying for Season Two of Stranger Things, which is coming to Netflix on October 27th. The first season was released over a year ago, but the hype for the show has never really cooled down. 
Now, to get you even more hyped for the next season, here are a few facts about the show.

1. Chief Hopper's trailer cost the art department a mere $1.

Hopper's apartment certainly isn't the spiffiest of locations; however, a dollar still seems like a major undersell. 
You can't even buy a box of Eggos for that price.

2. The Hawkins Police Department's gear was inspired by Jaws.

Okay, it's more like the gear is identical to the police uniforms seen in the shark film. For example, the Hawkins uniforms include an Amity Island triangle-shaped patch, originally seen on the police uniforms in Jaws.

3. The Stranger Things font is a hat tip to Stephen King.

The show's iconic logo was inspired by the '80s-era covers of Stephen King books as Cujo and Christine

4. Winona Ryder is a strong supporter of the Polly Klaas Foundation.

The foundation is a public charity that operates to prevent crimes against children, with a special focus on stopping child abduction as well as recovering abducted children.

5. The Upside Down looks very similar to the 1999 video game Silent Hill.

Just like in the Upside Down, the world of Silent Hill includes thick fog and floating ashes. 
The game has several monsters of its own, as well.

6. Will, Eleven, and Sara Hopper all have a stuffed lion toy. 

In case you didn't notice, all three characters share a similar-looking stuffie.
Hopefully, the connection will be revealed in Season Two!

7. Winona Ryder didn't know what "streaming" meant.

That's just adorable. Winona Ryder is like everybody's mom. 
Apparently, the actress didn't know what the word meant until Netflix approached her for Stranger Things.

8. In the first season, Eleven has roughly 42 lines.

At least, that's Millie Bobby Brown's estimate. Still, the role of Eleven requires some serious acting chops, especially since she often wasn't able to convey her emotions through words.

9. Millie Bobby Brown filmed the shaving her head for Stranger Things in front of her mother and father. 

According to IMDb, "Her father was so traumatized by the event, he sobbed and couldn't bear to watch." 

10. There are no Christmas lights in the Byers home at the end of Season One.

In the season finale, there's a Christmas scene at the Byers home. Unsurprisingly, the family hasn't put up any Christmas lights.
I bet Joyce Byers never wants to see those lights again.

11. Millie Bobby Brown was 11 years old when she played Eleven.

At the time of casting and filming, Millie was the same age as her character's name.
The world works in mysterious ways.

12. When Steven and Jonathan duked it out, Steven got hurt IRL.

During that fight scene, Steven (played by Joe Keery) was knocked in the face by accident — twice.
That's gotta hurt!

13. The episode titles for season two have been released.

Such brain-teasing titles include "The Boy Who Came Back to Life," "The Pollywog," "Madmax," and "The Lost Brother."
What could it all mean?! I can't wait to find out!

14. Gaten Matarazzo's voice dropped so much during filming, the production team couldn't use him for ADR.

"ADR" stands for additional dialogue recording, which the audio post-production team uses to fill in choppy dialogue after filming.

They grow up so fast. 😢

15. Mike's sister, Holly, also played the original baby Judith in The Walking Dead.

Actually, the parts were played by twin actresses, Anniston and Tinsley Price.
Judith is the daughter of Lori Grimes, and her father is either Rick Grimes or Shane Walsh — the paternity is unknown.

16. Netflix scooped up Stranger Things within 24 hours of hearing the pitch.

The streaming service was quick to buy the series. 
They must have loved it as much as Eleven loves Eggos!
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