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Wednesday 27 December 2017

16 Times Celebrities Were Garbage Humans Just Like You And Me

16 Times Celebrities Were Garbage Humans Just Like You And Me

I don't care how curated your Instagram is, deep down, most of us are garbage people. 
I mean, we're all just trying to make it in this crazy world, and that means we're all bound to have our off days. 
And guess what? From overthinking everything to ignoring their moms, celebs do a lot of the same garbage stuff that we do... 

1. When Chris Pratt spoke the truth about buying fruits and veggies, but it still cut through me like a knife. 

Who isn't guilty of this? No, I'm seriously asking. I want to know your secret. Help me, please.

2. When George Lucas had a quiet meal at a food court and gazed sadly into his plate of noodles.  

This photo speaks to me on a personal level and I'm honestly offended that George Lucas tried to steal my brand. 

3. When a cold-blooded Starbucks barista had the gall to spell Hilary Duff's name wrong on her cup. 

Harry?!  Are you serious?!
I honestly thought this kind of thing only happened to peasants like us, but apparently even celebrities are mumblers. 

4. When Anna Kendrick recklessly posted this tweet and ruined all of our lives in the process.  

Thanks, Anna. Like I really needed another crushing realization to keep me up at night. 

5. When Katy Perry revealed that she's got the exact same folder that you have.

Wow, I feel seen. 
This folder is clutch when you need to post a quick and topical meme to the group chat. 

6. When Orlando Bloom went hard to Pharell's "Happy," but he was literally the only one who was into it. 

Sometimes when your jam comes on there's nothing you can do but make a fool out of yourself. 
You do you, Orlando. 

7. When Scott Disick didn't proofread his caption, and was caught by his followers.  

We've all posted something that we thought was amazing only to discover hours later that we made a glaring spelling mistake.

8. When Chelsea Peretti wore out her mattress by doing what we all do...being really, really dramatic. 

There is no better place to revel in your own drama than between the sheets, amirite?! 

9. When Adele was literally all of us at the gym. 

I can't thank Adele enough for posting this brutally candid workout photo, because this is honestly how I feel when I just think about going to the gym. 

10. When we could all relate to Anne Hathaway's misery in this last photo. 

This is the exact same face we all make when we realize we've run out of junk food. 

11. When Mindy Kaling perfectly described what it is like to wear one of those strappy sports bras. 

It's a nightmare. I am laughing through tears because this image is so spot on. 

12. When Hilary Swank celebrated her Oscar win in the most relatable way possible. 

By shoving her face full of fast food.
I didn't know that Hilary Swank was the hero we needed and deserved, but here she is. You go, girl. 

13. When Michael BublĂ© just wanted to enjoy some delicious corn on the cob, but we all had so many questions. 

Dude, what are you doing? Have you ever eaten food before? 
Michael BublĂ© might actually be an alien who is trying to fit in with the human race. 

14. When Chrissy Teigen was refreshingly unconcerned about her stretch marks. 

If you haven't sat in this exact same pose and admired your stretchies than I'm sorry, you're just not a garbage human. 

15. When Harry Styles yacked on the side of the road like an actually champion. 

We've all been there, bud. 
Honestly, he wins because he made it out of the car and that's the best case scenario

16. And finally, when Seth Rogen revealed that even celebs forget to answer their mom's calls. 

Get it together, Seth. Your mom is worried. 
What do you think? COMMENT and let us know and TAG someone who is a garbage human. 

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