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Friday 8 December 2017

16 Tricks For Moms Who Just Can't Deal Anymore

16 Tricks For Moms Who Just Can't Deal Anymore

As a mom, people will always be telling you that your kids are your greatest accomplishment (and it's totally fine if they are!). But they're also your biggest source of stress. It's a simple fact about being a mom so we need some tricks to help us out. 
These are my go-to hacks for surviving the daily grind. 

1. Try out some candy rewards

These kids get chocolate for chores! We're betting this mom has the absolute cleanest house on the block (and beyond). Except for the melty chocolate hands, of course. 

2. Use some serious threats

If you kids act up one more time! You've got to mean it though, or else they will know you're bluffing and your life will get so much harder. 

3. Get 'em to actually wash their hands for once

Soooo like zero kids actually wash their hands, but the Lego entices them to push down on the pump, trying to get them out. Some soap ends up on their hands. Semi-win already. 

4. Go to Target (or anywhere) alone 

No loading up. No wrangling in lollygaggers. No whining for toys. Shopping for whatever you want, for as long as you want (in theory, anyway). What a life!! 

5. Put all tasks on deck

Bottles, crayons, and whatever else will keep the kids distracted long enough for this genius mom to check her email. Clearly, this isn't her first go-round. 

6. Do some group workouts

Can't work out alone? Get the kid(s) involved and make it a group event. This is a successful distraction and healthy activity and you get your workout in. Wins all the way around. 

7. Compromise on poses

Everyone's doing the same thing, no one is mad or crying or literally screaming as loud as they can... We're calling this a family picture WIN. Way to get the photo-opp that worked, no matter your intentions, Mom! 

8. Make bed time your time 

Don't waste this precious time of day doing anything but lounging. Get that rest time while you can. Also, take advantage of your UNCONTESTED control of the remote. 

9. Get some kid "coffee" (aka an empty cup) 🤣🤣🤣

This mom wised up and got her kid her own drink, err, her own empty cup. Now Mom is sipping her coffee in peace, no sharing involved. Nice one! 

10. Literally just put baby in a basket

Kids love getting in laundry baskets. They think it's fun! Meanwhile, moms are chill and content and free to do what they want for literally a whole 20 seconds! Sooooo just hamper up your kids the next time you need to get something done. 

11. Pull out some painted pancakes

Yes, you read that right. This mom whipped out a paintbrush for adding chocolate and syrup details, aka getting the pancakes just right. We're guessing Mom got to eat her entire breakfast in peace, too! 

12. Take full advantage of your position

When you have the opportunity to do something for you, do it. Don't ask questions, just do it. Now. No apologies, either. You earned this, girl. 

13. Work that compromise game

If you eat your food, you can dress like a princess. If you eat your veggies at dinner, I might even dress like a princess! A compromise like that wins every single time. 

14. Get some kid-sized equipment

They think they're playing with their new toys, but really, Mom is getting some help with chores...with ZERO complaints about it, either. Trickery level = Master. 

15. Give 'em fully-clothed bath

The kid gets cleaned, the clothes get cleaned, as far as we can tell, this is an improvement that cuts down the need for laundry. Why didn't we think of this? 

16. Trick 'em into eating something by getting them something new 

Can't get them to eat something healthy? Try chopsticks. Not only do they think it's fun, it takes them longer to eat (which means added silence). Ahh silence. 

What's your smartest mom victory?!

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