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Monday 11 December 2017

20 Unique Storage Cube Hacks To Get Your House In Shape

20 Unique Storage Cube Hacks To Get Your House In Shape

Storage is the number one pain for so many people looking to make a house into a home. Seriously, where am I supposed to put all my stuff in a 600 square-foot apartment?
Storage cubes are a totally great solution, but let's be honest, they're kind of boring. No fear, I've scoured the internet (*cough* Pinterest) to find you the best storage cube hacks to make everything has a place.

1. DIY Doll House

I would have LOVED this doll house as a kid. It's completely versatile, and you can change it up with your kids' changing interests. Like, an Avenger's Tower doll house perhaps?

2. Craft Table On Wheels

I need this in my life, ASAP. My favorite part of the table is the wheels. This means my crafting can be done anywhere at any time. 

3. Changing Table Hack

This changing table is actually a storage cube bookshelf from IKEA turned sideways and wrapped with wood stain vinyl. It has plenty of storage for all of your baby's diapers, wipes, and even some toys. 

4. Record Player And Stereo Table

Did you know that records should be stored vertically, not horizontally? Not only does this hack give you a place to hold your player and stereo, you've got space for your records too.

5. Nightstand Hack

This nightstand looks super chic, but really costs very little to make. Which is perfect for anyone who loves to look good on a budget (so, basically all of us). 

6. Laundry Room Storage

In our tiny spaces, sometimes you've gotta go up to save more space. Storage cubes make great shelving options in small spaces like laundry rooms. Check it out!

7. Headboard Storage Unit

With a little innovation, you can use storage cubes to create this gorgeous storage unit that doubles as a headboard for your bed. You can display all the pretty things your heart desires

8. Display Shelves

Sometimes toys are just too adorable for the toy box. These shelves are the perfect way to display those toys that are just too cute to put away.

9. Reading Nook With Storage

This is such a great idea for hiding items you don't want to display, but also making it usable! This would be such a cute place to snuggle up and read. 

10. Locker Room Storage

This is a cute way to elevate a book shelf for any hockey lover's room. This hack would also come in handy for keeping smelly hockey equipment hidden far, far away.

11. Chalkboard Desk With Storage

Using an IKEA table top and two legs with a set of storage cubes, you've got yourself a desk with optimal storage. And you can also use chalkboard paint for notes and calendars!

12. Play Room Market Setup

Who needs all a toy market when you can make your very own? This way you can change things up whenever you want. This is a childhood dream come true!

13. Table Seating

This would be great in a kids play room, but let's be honest, I'd totally put this in the "dining space" of my condo. Toss some cushions on these babies and you're good to go. 

14. Hidden Play Area

Thrifty and Chic keeps all of her kids toys hidden in plain sight. You'd never guess that this is right in the middle of her gorgeous living room. 

15. Vinyl Storage

With millennials moving over from iPods to Spotify to record players, more and more people are spending their days shopping the coolest vinyl. Make sure you store them properly with this hack!

16. Hallway Storage

Hallways are by far the most underutilized space in any home. I mean, in a tiny apartment, whatcha gonna do? This is an excellent solution. 

17. Coffee Table

Storage cubes are the perfect coffee table hack, and they're even better if you put them on wheels. You can roll them out of the way so there's room for more activities! 

18. Chic Bar Cart

I love how chic this bar looks, and it's actually really cheap to make. You could forgo the legs, or even add wheels to make it mobile. The possibilities are endless!

19. Buffet Style Storage Table

This has a rustic chic, '70s feel to it that's totally making a comeback. Anyone who has space for one of these bad boys in their home needs to invite me over for dinner ASAP

20. Under The Bed Storage

This is the perfect dual-purpose hack. Not only do you get ample under the bed storage, you also get a bed frame at a fraction of the cost.

TAG a friend who needs a little help with their storage and COMMENT if you have any ideas of your own!

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