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Friday, 15 December 2017

After Net Neutrality Repeal, Twitter's Getting Ready For A Dark New Reality

After Net Neutrality Repeal, Twitter's Getting Ready For A Dark New Reality

So, is everybody thinking about life after net neutrality yet? Because it sure looks like it's coming after Chairman Pai and two of his friends managed to repeal net neutrality in a move that nobody but the big telecoms even wanted.
And so, just before Christmas, we were given a brand new Grinch. But all the Whos on Twitter weren't singing about it — instead, they did what they know best to show their utter contempt for the FCC's decision: they made memes.

No surprise, much of Twitter targeted Chairman Pai with their meme spree. 

Since he led the fight against net neutrality, he naturally became the big target — he basically put a big "Roast Me" sign on himself.

Even some of the accounts he follows on Twitter, including @dog_feelings, gleefully blocked Chairman Pai.

Not being able to get what you want on the internet is just a taste of things to come! 

Preparing for the dark future imposed upon us quickly turned into a thing.

The nerdiest doomsday preppers shared some of their tips for life after net neutrality, and it looks like dark days ahead indeed.

After all, what are the alternatives? Going outside? Doing things in public? The horror! 

Isn't this why we built a vast, interconnected digital space in the first place?

And the socializing! How do humans even meet if not over tasty memes and passive-aggressive tweets anymore?

Gotta get that googling in while you can! The olden days of yore are coming at us fast.

Printing out tweets is basically the Amish butter-churning of the internet, right?

What nightmare hellscape have we doomed our children to?

And let's be honest, hookups will be, um, different in the post-net neutrality world.

Remember phones that didn't go in your pocket? They'll be back. What's next? Rotary dials? Yikes.

Or, worse, a more primitive shout out, where hollering is way too literal.

And Tinder will bring people together by seeing if they can actually start a fire without a lighter, you would expect.

Remember video stores? The things that were made obsolete by Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime?

Welp, once they've been throttled, video stores are going to look awfully good again.

Yep, once the poors have been cut off from the high-tech world, low-tech will be the only option, and you know what that means: dark, savage times.

So prep early and prep often!

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