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Saturday 9 December 2017

Christmas Tree Eyebrows Are Happening Because Normal Brows Aren't A Thing Anymore

Christmas Tree Eyebrows Are Happening Because Normal Brows Aren't A Thing Anymore

This year has undoubtedly been the year of the eyebrow trend. From feathers to aluminum foil to squiggles, there's been no shortage of interesting brow designs popping up.

And now, as we approach the end of 2017, it only makes sense to close out the year with a holiday-themed brow trend: Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree brows are the only LED-optional trend we've seen.

Sticking mini-LED lights on your face may seem kind of extra, but if you're doing Christmas tree brows, you're probably a little extra anyway.

Most people are using stick-on gems as ornaments.

And if you really want to set the scene, you can add Christmas presents, like you see below.

Some are even adding a touch of green to their brows.

Actually, when you put on a Santa hat and wrap yourself in garland, the whole Christmas brow thing kind of works.

And what would a Christmas tree be without a star?

We're typically on the fence about most eyebrow trends. For example, do you really need to carve shapes out of your eyebrows?
But this one...this one has us feeling all kinds of jolly. We've been converted.

They're like feathered brows, only way more festive.

If we had to go through a ton of brow trends just to reach this point, maybe it was worth it.

It's official: this trend is getting our stamp of approval.

Forget the ugly Christmas sweater — we'll be showing up with a set of these at our next holiday party!

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