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Wednesday 13 December 2017

For The Millennials Who Hate Inspirational Quotes

For The Millennials Who Hate Inspirational Quotes

Confession: I find a lot of the inspirational quotes plastered on social media to be really annoying. 
What, am I out of my mind? That isn't very millennial of me, I know. Does anyone else feel like this? Some are great, but certain quotes are overused and too cliché, and others are just really ridiculous. But some of them are so ridiculous I actually kind of love them? I donno. But like, whether these next few quotes were meant to be serious or poking fun, I thoroughly kinda sorta enjoy them. 

Don't ever settle for less!

Someone who thinks of you as a lemon or orange flavored anything isn't someone that you need in your life, girl. Okay? #PinkStarburst4Life
BRB throwing up now.

We're all doing that, aren't we?

Ya know, when I was little I would look forward to the day I could be like my parents, drinking coffee in the morning and having my life together. 
Now I'm realizing that no adult has their life together, and neither did my parents... They were pretending they did. Following in your footsteps, Mom!


Set goals that have no ceiling, and if those goals and dreams don't scare you, then they aren't big enough or something like that! Make those onions weep. You got this, I believe in you, and other fluffy stuff that may or may not motivate you.

So smart!

So tbh, along with being outstanding, I happen to be quite extraordinary...aka I'm very extra and far too ordinary and I'm questioning everything in life because of how cheesy this quote is.

Well isn't it sweet and totally the truth if little hearts are fluttering around the words, right? 

I have yet to find words that speak to my soul more than these do. This is the thought process I have every single morning, without fail. Does that mean I'm OMW to becoming an insta-philosopher?

Proud of them.

Your ex? He is an old, stale bran muffin. But you are a decadent cupcake with a ton of frosting, and sprinkles, and other toppings. Never downgrade back to being a muffin!

Don't ever give up on those big dreams, you little pink starburst-topped cupcake.

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