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Saturday, 30 December 2017

KFC Released A Bath Bomb That'll Leave You Smelling Like Their Secret Recipe

KFC Released A Bath Bomb That'll Leave You Smelling Like Their Secret Recipe

Where do I start with KFC? The second you walk into that fast food restaurant, your nostrils are filled up with that amazing fried chicken aroma. If you're salivating at the moment, you're not the only one. 
As much as many people are a fan of the scent, I'm not sure if people want to walk around smelling like it. Let's be real — who wants to walk around smelling like a bucket of chicken? As crazy as that sounds, I guess some people are going to start doing it!
I mean, crazier things have happened. Remember the fragrance that Cheetos came out with? 

KFC Japan is releasing bath bombs, and they have a pretty distinct smell, but it may not really be a smell you want to bathe in. 

Fried chicken fans, this is for you! The KFC bath bomb is supposed to smell like the secret spice mix we all know and love.

This seems so gross! 

But I guess it's a great idea if you're on a diet and in the mood for some KFC chicken. Maybe the smell will satisfy your cravings.

People had a lot to say about this, and I think confusion and disgust were the top reactions. 

This Twitter user brings up a pretty good point. You might actually need two baths! 

If you can't get your hands on the bath bomb, this is apparently the next best thing! Just snag some chicken bouillon cubes, and you're good to go! 

Whether you think it's gross or genius, do you think you will buy it? Comment and let us know!

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