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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Movie Theaters Are Shutting Down 'Star Wars' Fans Who Say There's A Mistake In The Film

Movie Theaters Are Shutting Down 'Star Wars' Fans Who Say There's A Mistake In The Film

Just when we thought director Rian Johnson couldn't receive any more criticism for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, people are now complaining about an audio-visual creative aspect of the film. 
Of course, by complaining we mean they simply didn't understand one particular creative choice, so much so that AMC theaters actually had to post a disclaimer explaining the scene to them.
Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

If you saw the The Last Jedi, you'll definitely recall that one moment of complete silence.

Nearing the end of film, Vice-Admiral Holdo destroys the First Order's mega ship by using lightspeed to impact it with her small transport ship. By doing so, she sacrifices her life to save the remaining members of the Resistance.
During that epic impact (roughly 10 seconds long) the film goes completely silent.

But apparently some viewers thought the silence was a glitch in the theater's audio system.

They didn't realize that the silence was for dramatic effect, allowing the audience to focus on the monumental destruction of a First Order mega ship.
Instead, enough people complained about the "glitch" to AMC that the theater was forced to put up a disclaimer.

Actor Paul Scheer shared a photo of the disclaimer posted in AMC theaters.

Sheesh, people really need to open their minds a little when it comes to audio-visual effects.

However, the majority of those who saw The Last Jedi were not confused by the 10 seconds of silence.

Instead, they were confused by the idea that others were confused by the silence.
But to be fair, this was the first time an effect like this had been done in a Star Wars film.

"That's never really happened in Star Wars before," said the film's visual effects supervisor, Ben Morris.

"We had always hoped that would resonate, both as a story beat and as a striking visual, and when I heard all of the cries and gasps in the silence, it was just fantastic. We realized that it worked."
True, because whether people were gasping or confused, they were all equally shook.

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