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Sunday 24 December 2017

[#New Year Rangoli] 9 New year rangoli designs 2018 - Ideas

[#New Year Rangoli] 9 New year rangoli designs 2018 - Ideas

Rangoli designs are always a part of Indian festivals. Be it Holi or Diwali, we simply love to have rangolis done up in our houses. In this article, we will have listed some of the best ‘Happy New Year’ rangolis. These will have the words written on them and they will be accompanied with regular rangoli designs. 

These designs have been adopted from the past few years’ record, and you can use them as reference to draw the ones you need for this year.

Flowers, birds, balloons, etc. color in bright colors

This is a big rangoli design which stars with blue and white cloudy shapes. They are then bordered with red and pink colored birds. In the outer part of the rangoli, you see the design expanding and it turns out to be big. There are girls drawn and there are flowers kept in vases. All of these are uniformly set and then colored. You need to fill this in with nice colors so that they look bright and pretty. You can draw easier shapes if the birds and the human figures are difficult to do. For the final border, use white color to chalk out the words and then fill in with white rangoli color.

Palanquin Design

The kolam design has been done and it looks like a palanquin. The semi-liquid white rangoli is needed to make the base of the design and then you have to fill it in with the year. At first draw the rectangular portion and then write the year. Since it is 2018 now, you will have to change the last number. The numbers have to be chalked out accordingly and then filled it with different colors. If you find this difficult, use singular color for each number. Draw the peacock and color it in blue and green. Finally, add the bow shaped design and you’re done.

Flowers and leaves decorated around the words

This rangoli has the words written in a yellow base, and the better your calligraphy is, the better the look it going to come. You accompany this with nicely drawn flowers and leaves. These flowers and leaves have been chalked out and then filled in with colors, but they also have white in-between which lets you blend in more colors. The design does not have a proper shape which is why it looks more natural.

Colorful floral patterns

Floral patterns are a must for rangoli designs. Like flowers let us experience their beauty and smell, rangolis come with a similar aspect to sell. Start with the tiny circular pattern and then surround it with the petal to make the first flower. Surround that again with a different shape of petals and then make the bud-like shapes. Make the final layer and then fill in with bright colors. Write the words by first chalking them out and then filling in with colors. You can switch over the shades as you like.

Flowers and leaves surround the words

If you put the words in the center, you get a lot of space to design on the exterior part. Unlike the other designs, this design includes the words first and then the designs follow. Chalk out the words ‘wish you a happy new year 2018’ or simply write ‘happy new year 2018’ and then fill in with different shades. Draw a circle around the words to understand the exact distance from where you should continue with the floral patterns. Make different shapes of flowers and color them accordingly.

Easy Happy New Year rangoli

If you want to introduce kids to rangoli designs, you won’t get something simpler that this! You simply need to chalk out the words and fill them with different color. Make sure you use bright colors like red, green, blue, yellow, etc. Replace the letter 5 with 6 and the design will be ready. You can also make the floral patterns on two sides. These won’t be that difficult and will let the easy design have some elements to it.

Easy circular pattern with floral border

This is another easy design. First make a circular base and fill in with a dark base color. Write the words on the top and use lighter shades or just white. For the outer part, make floral patterns. Cover the entire circumference and then fill in colors of yellow, green and red.

Cute Happy New Year rangoli with snowman and christmas tree

If you are planning to give a unique theme to your New Year Rangoli, this cute one can be the best option. This Rangoli is not only easy to make but can also be perfect to depict the charm of the season and to welcome the New Year in style. Using white and black chalks to draw the borders before starting the filling can make the task easier for you. While drawing the borders you need not to be very cautious as a stiff line will miss out the sense of fun from the rangoli. Use green color to fill the tree and white to fill the snowman. Decorating the tree with some multicolored dots and a bright yellow star at the top is the next step. Finish with coloring the hat, nose and scarf of the snowman along with the gifts. Do not forget to include the “Happy New Year” in black on “white snow”.

Floral Happy New year rangoli design

This is a simple and comparatively smaller Rangoli design that can look beautiful when completed rightly. The rangoli has an inverted garland shape and the leaves and flowers along with the butterflies in multiple colors complete the garland chain. Happy New Year with the year has been drawn at the middle of the design.


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