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Wednesday 20 December 2017

Rihanna's Latest Lipstick Shade Shows Menstruation Some Love, And We Are Here For It

Rihanna's Latest Lipstick Shade Shows Menstruation Some Love, And We Are Here For It

Rihanna is a light in these dark times, and she has proved that fact yet again. Just when you thought nothing could save 2017, Rihanna has swooped in to make sure that this year goes out with a bang. 
Unless you've been living under a rock (and even that's not a great excuse), you're probably aware of Rihanna's stellar makeup line, Fenty Beauty. 
Well, the queen of shade(s) just introduced a new color to Fenty's upcoming Mattemoiselle lipstick line — a "moody brown" called PMS. 
You know, as in premenstrual syndrome? The emotional and physical symptoms that affect women everywhere during the weeks leading up to their period?

Just in case you haven't noticed, Fenty is far from your typical beauty brand.  

Rihanna made major waves when she released 40 shades of foundation that made sure everyone felt represented, and then followed it up by finding the perfect red lipstick for almost every skin tone. 

People are loving it. 

The shade is a described as a deep reddish brown or "espresso" color with hints of red. 
We see you, Rihanna. 

Leave it to Rihanna to actually make you excited about PMS. 

I didn't think it could be done, but here we are. 

PMS isn't the only shade with an amazing name. 

But it's definitely our favorite. You can also adorn your lips with shades called Spanked, Midnight Wasabi, and Clapback. 

Rihanna is a queen for reclaiming PMS in a way we can all get behind. 

Talking about menstruation is often viewed as taboo despite that fact that it's an incredibly normal bodily function. The stigma around menstruation is not only silly, but it's also harmful to the health of women everywhere. 
We love that Rihanna is tackling this issue in her own way, and I, for one, will be cleaning out my bank accounts as soon as this shade goes on sale later this month. 

What do you think? COMMENT and let us know, and TAG someone who would love this shade! 

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