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Friday 22 December 2017

The Official 'Star Wars' Page Is Clapping Back At Rose Tico Haters, And It's Pure Drama

The Official 'Star Wars' Page Is Clapping Back At Rose Tico Haters, And It's Pure Drama

Since the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, thousands of so-called superfans have been grumbling about the film's modern plot points and newest characters. One of those characters, ship-mechanic-turned-heroine Rose Tico, has taken the brunt of such fanboy gripes.
And frankly, the official Star Wars Facebook page has had enough.

What's that? Oh, that's just the sound of Star Wars clapping back at the haters.

Yesterday, the Star Wars page posted a tribute video which followed actress Kelly Marie Tran's journey to become Rose Tico. Within seconds, negative comments began flooding in about Rose's purpose in the film.
Commenters began picking on allegedly pointless scenes, specifically the ones in which Rose was heavily involved.
However, Star Wars was quick to shut 'em down with detailed explanations and hilariously patronizing Star Wars Bitmojis.

Does Star Wars have to spell it out for you? Apparently so.

The page's retorts didn't end there. 
When one commenter insisted Rose was most certainly not a hero, the official page replied with a simple checklist that almost anybody (you'd think, anyway) could understand.
Check, and checkmate.

The page even went out of its way to reiterate basic character descriptions for some trolls.

Of course, the page's calm replies and savvy use of Yoda-speak likely infuriated haters further. 
Perhaps some of these people just need a bit of love in their lives. A hug, at the very least. 
The Star Wars page is certainly rooting for them.

Regardless, the film's official page wished well to those who disagreed with them.

In other words...

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