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Wednesday 13 December 2017

These Fan Edits Of The 'Star Wars' Prequels Are Exactly What The Internet Was Invented For

 These Fan Edits Of The 'Star Wars' Prequels Are Exactly What The Internet Was Invented For

Listen, I know exactly how you feel about the Star Wars prequels. We're all just watching them for Ewan McGregor, right?  
Other than providing us with a wealth of memes, they are pretty terrible movies, and that's tough for a lot of Star Wars fans to stomach because they cover some pretty important ground.
If you're like me, and you plan on bingeing the entire series (prequels included, because we're hardcore like that) before Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters this weekend, you need to know about the various prequel fan edits that are out there.
Trust me. This will literally save your life.  

Yes, there is a way to watch the prequels that won't make you feel like you're being Force-choked for three movies. 

You need to see the "Anti-Cheese Edit" by YouTuber JermeyMWest-Esquire. It transforms The Phantom Menace into a semi-watchable movie. 
It not only makes the pod races way less lame but it also re-dubs the Neimoidians to make them sound way less like a racist stereotype. 
Oh, and this version also says "goodbye" to all of young Anakin's annoying catchphrases. 

But some fan edits took it a step further and have edited down all three movies into just one

And weirdly enough, one of the famous versions was actually edited by Topher Grace. His version is only 85 minutes long and was cleverly titled "The Editor Strikes Back." 
You can read a run-down of his edit here, and wow, it sounds a lot better than what we got.  

In fact, re-editing the Star Wars prequels has become something of a tradition within the fandom. 

Seriously, there are countless versions — including this one that cut down the first six movies to just three minutes. 
There are literally zero reasons for you to sit through that weird fish scene or listen to Anakin whine about sand ever again. 

Fans are here for it...

If you're a fan of young Anakin (why?!) then these edits are not for you. 

Of course, these edits do have their limitations. 

I mean, there's  really only so much you can do with cringe-inducing dialogue like, "I’m haunted by the kiss that you should never have given me." 

What do you think? COMMENT and let us know, and don't forget to TAG someone who would love to see this version of the Star Wars prequels. 

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