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Saturday 23 December 2017

This Grandma Confused Distressed Jeans For Damaged Ones And Made Twitter Fall In Love

This Grandma Confused Distressed Jeans For Damaged Ones And Made Twitter Fall In Love

Putting our jeans through Hell has had a long, proud history in the fashion world. It was once the mark of intense outcasts and shocking punk rockers. But in the decades since punk became a thing, people throughout the world have taken that style and run with it.
I mean, they've been selling pre-distressed and ripped jeans for well over a decade by now, so even total squares have had time to catch up. Still, I don't really get why we're supposed to pay more for that when I can just buy normal jeans and mess them up myself.
But anyway, it seems that not quite everyone has caught on to the fact that we rip our pants on purpose. And one grandma's response to seeing distressed jeans is probably the purest thing you'll see all day.

There are probably millions of people with something like this in their closet right now.

Among them is young Tomomi from Yokohama, Japan. Her jeans aren't quite as distressed as these ones, but the knees are looking a lot more white than blue. 

But no matter how normal this might look to us, this is probably what Tomomi's jeans looked like to her grandma.

I'm guessing she thought her granddaughter's pants needed sewing, but she must have been worried about bothering anyone by asking. 
Well, Grandma wasn't about to let her suffer in silence!

So naturally, she got her sewing kit out and patched up the hole for the young'un.  

When Tomomi got home from work, this was the surprise that greeted her. Some kids would start in with the "grandmaaaaa! They're supposed to be ripped! God!" routine, but she just found the whole thing hilarious.

Besides, how could we not find this adorable? 

Grandma had her back without even saying a word. That support-on-sight status is exactly how things should be with our parents' parents. 
It's sort of like how they're always horrified to hear that we haven't eaten that day.

And when Tomomi shared her grandma's handiwork and equally adorable smile with Twitter, the "aww" could be heard from around the world.

At least, that's what I'm getting from the over 70,000 retweets and fawning replies that followed. Such purity really shouldn't go unnoticed.

Of course, you'll kind of have to trust me that the replies were fawning, because most of them were in Japanese.

And considering that the best this software could do was "become a jeans can't throw," we have to fill in a lot of the blanks ourselves.
Nice one, Bing. I'm sure that's totally what this person said. 
I think they actually meant "you can't throw those jeans away," which might as well be the law at this point.

Thanks to some more stunning translation, I'm kind of forced to guess here. Still, I agree with what I think the message is.

The "grandma got me sewn enough damage" part is a lost cause, but I think this person is suggesting that patched-up distressed jeans should be next year's big fashion trend.
And since we're all pretty much distressed enough right now, the idea of "de-stressed" jeans suddenly sounds really appealing. Grandma might be onto something.

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