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Saturday 2 December 2017

This Grandma Got Into Online Bidding Wars So She Could Buy Son's Old Stuffy For Her Grandson

This Grandma Got Into Online Bidding Wars So She Could Buy Son's Old Stuffy For Her Grandson

When Nick Hollinger and his wife announced that they were expecting their first child, his mom, Jan, had one thing on her mind: finding a brand new Fraffy. 
Who or what is Fraffy, you ask? Well, twenty-nine years ago, when Nick was a baby, he received a stuffed giraffe from his parents for Christmas, which was given the adorable name Fraffy. 

For his entire childhood, Nick and his little giraffe friend were inseparable. And even when he grew up and Fraffy become old, worn, and torn, Nick made sure he stayed in the family.    

He told Babble that when his mom asked if he wanted to bring Fraffy to his new house, he said, "Why don’t you keep him for me? You can keep him safe and he can keep you safe, just like he did for me all those years." 

Knowing that she wanted to give her new grandchild a gift he would cherish forever, Jan made it her mission to find a new Fraffy. She spent hours scouring eBay, and even got into a few bidding wars in the process!

Then, on Christmas Day of last year, after opening a bunch of wonderful gifts, Jan gave her son one last present.

"My mom handed me a particularly fancy package and sits down next to me, eyes sparkling. Carefully, I raised the lid and there he was: a brand new Fraffy — vibrant and velvety, horned, hole-less and whole, stuffed full of soft cotton and life. He was the best Christmas present I ever received.” 

Nick was so excited about his mother's thoughtful gift, he decided to share a picture of both Fraffy's together on Reddit with the following caption:

"Heard you guys like old stuffed animal stories. On the left is my first (now un)stuffed animal I️ received for Christmas 29 years ago. On the right, the new Fraffy my mom tracked down to give to my 8 month old son for his first Christmas. I️ can’t believe he used to have horns!"

And according to his parents, baby Link has loved snuggling with the new Fraffy, and they can't wait for their son to make his own lifelong memories with him by his side. 

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