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Tuesday 26 December 2017

This 'Home Alone' Theory Just Gave Us A Gut-Punch To The Feels

This 'Home Alone' Theory Just Gave Us A Gut-Punch To The Feels

Every true Home Alone fan remembers the iconic scene when Kevin heads out on his own after coming to terms with being left behind by his family. 

Kevin makes his way to a store to buy himself a new toothbrush because he can't find his own.

Reddit user MancombQSeepgood came up with a very convincing reason as to why it went missing in the first place.

I'm sorry, but 'scuse?

If you may recall, Kevin was stressin' at the beginning of the film when he was told to pack his own suitcase. It struck quite a nerve with young Kev. 

Everyone is way too busy and annoyed to help little Kev out.

MancombQSeepgood goes onto explain that Kevin was even told, "Mom is just going to do it for you." 

Even after that epic fight Kevin had with his mom, this theory about the missing toothbrush gives us some hope that she went ahead and packed her son's suitcase for him anyways.

I'm now in a glass case of emotion and don't think I'll ever recover from this discovery. Thanks a lot, internet. 

Do you need a moment after reading this theory?
Let us know in the COMMENTS whether you also agree that Kevin's mom ended up packing his suitcase or think he just lost his toothbrush in the house somewhere.

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