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Monday 11 December 2017

This Sikh Professor's Mom Hilariously Shutting Down His Twitter Trolls Is Everything

This Sikh Professor's Mom Hilariously Shutting Down His Twitter Trolls Is Everything

Simran Jeet Singh is a bright and compassionate Sikh who lives in New York. He is a professor, writer, and activist, as well as an avid Twitter user. Unfortunately, Singh is also a regular recipient of hateful and racist behavior — especially on social media. 

Like many of us, when Simran finds himself dealing with something difficult, he turns to his family for guidance.

And like a lot of parents out there, his do not disappoint when it comes to the advice and opinions they give.

Recently, Simran's mom, Parvinder Kaur, joined Twitter, and like any awesome mother would do, she began following her son. This is where she saw firsthand the level of extreme hate Simran was dealing with.

Luckily for those trolls, mom decided to take the high road when giving her thoughts about the deplorable words they had chosen to use against Simran.

He then decided to share her fiery response on Twitter, and people can't get enough of it.

When asked by Someecards about his mom's approach to the online trolls, Simran said that's just the way she's always been. 

"My mom's always had a good sense of humor, especially when it comes to dealing with racism. My brothers and I definitely learned that from her. I laughed when she told me her joke and told her I would definitely pass it along." 

And what does Simran have to say to the individuals who choose to live a life of hate? 

"I feel bad for the racist trolls out there. I know firsthand what happens when you poke the mama bear. Y'all better be more careful (and less racist)." 

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