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Tuesday 19 December 2017

Twitter Users Are Starting The New Year Right With Perfectly Timed Music

Twitter Users Are Starting The New Year Right With Perfectly Timed Music

The less we like a year, the more excited we get for a perfectly lit New Year's celebration. And based on the level of extra our friends on Twitter are putting into this year's festivities, they really must've hated this one.
I mean, they're so excited to finish it off that they're skipping right past thinking about Christmas. And it's totally perplexing, because 2017 seemed like the most popular year since 2016, which everyone obviously loved.
Anyway, it's apparently not enough to just count down to midnight anymore. This year, if you're not trying to sync up the chorus of Toto's "Africa" to the exact moment midnight strikes, you might as well not even have a party.
But don't worry, Twitter's got you covered on how to start 2018 off right. 

1. If we can only follow these simple instructions, we'll be doing just fine.

I don't know about y'all, but I can't let that part of the song go without making the most dramatic hand gestures I can think of. Adding a "Happy New Year" shouldn't be too hard.
Just don't fall asleep before then or she'll be calling a cab.

2. For those who want to live a little more dangerously, you can play the odds with this idea.

Considering that Lil Pump says it over 50 times throughout the song, it's a pretty safe bet that one of them will land on midnight.
Notice this person never says you're starting the new year off right by doing this, though. I wonder why that could be?

3. I don't even remember how the Home Improvement theme goes, but it doesn't matter as long the important part is in the right place.

Now that I think about it, "euungh?!" will probably work as shorthand for "Happy New Year." If that actually catches on, I think the next generation will turn out OK.
Let's face it — we're not a tough act to follow.

4. Now this is what I call starting the year off right. We'll be belting stuff out when the time comes anyway. Imagine what we could achieve if we all did it together.

If this one has enticed you, it's important to note that the time listed here is apparently two seconds too soon. 
Make sure you've made the necessary adjustments before you try to bless the rains.

5. You know what? Maybe this person's right and we've been thinking too small by just limiting this little experiment to music.

After all, if we want 2018 to be full of love and life, there's only one clear choice to make here. 
And the perfect way to start the year is also a reference to the perfect way to start the day, so it's even better.

6. Ah, I'm glad to see that we've finally found a use for the yelling guy on that song.

Plus, this idea gives us hope that this year has been one big, bad dream. 
I'm just glad that the version of myself who bought this album doesn't have to realize how good he has it yet.

7. I guess that starting the new year with the "somebody once told me" part would be too obvious.

Plus, that's the part of the song where he's not an all-star yet. That's not the message of hope we're trying to get across here.
Wow, this really is how you start it off right.

8. Uh...OK. Apparently, not everyone is looking to start their year off with a message of hope.

I guess this is a perfectly fine way to start your year if you want it to be all about crushing reality. I guess it's hard to get too excited about doing this whole thing all over again.

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