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Wednesday 6 December 2017

Women Are The Makers Of Magical Holidays, But It's Taking A Toll On Their Mental Health

Women Are The Makers Of Magical Holidays, But It's Taking A Toll On Their Mental Health

Think back on your most cherished childhood memories of Christmas. They probably surround special family traditions like delicious treats, beautiful decorations, and gathering with all your favorite relatives. 
Once you recall those memories, try to figure out who actually made each of those traditions happen. Chances are most of your memories were brought to you by a woman. 
Handcrafted from love...and social obligation. The mental and emotional labor that goes hand in hand with being a woman is amplified during the holidays — and it has a negative effect on women's mental health. 

Since women are raised to be more socially focused, it often falls on us to take care of a the thousands of tiny details that keep relationships intact. 

That means working out everyone's schedules to arrange holiday parties and keeping a running mental list of who will disown you if they don't receive a Christmas card.

Women do most of the Christmas shopping, but the praise and gratitude for gift-giving is often shared equally between men and women. 

"I thought about this one year when I realized my husband had no idea what was in the wrapped gifts but was getting thanked for them."

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The thing is, this isn't exactly new information for women. We've been spending our winters making life magical for generations

What we need to remember is that the holidays are for everyone's enjoyment — ours too!

Self-care is super important, especially during the stressful holidays. If that means skipping the Pinterest-inspired gingerbread mansion you had planned and spending an hour doing yoga instead, then so be it! 

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