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Monday, 8 January 2018

12 Tips Our Skin Needs To Learn This Winter

12 Tips Our Skin Needs To Learn This Winter

Winter is seriously the worst, amirite? Between snow, less daylight hours, and the dry, cold air, winter makes us yearn for summer more than we ever thought possible. 
In addition to it being nearly impossible to look cute in the cold weather, winter can also do a serious number on your skin. Thankfully, these tips will help your skin look and feel its best all winter long.

1. Protect Exposed Areas

This may seem like a given, but it's important to protect your hands, ears, and face from harsh winter air whenever you step outside. Bundling up will prevent windburn and dry skin.

2. Use A Moisturizer With SPF

It may seem like the sun doesn't shine all winter, but that doesn't mean your skin is no longer susceptible to harsh UV rays. Choose a moisturizer containing SPF to prevent any future damage. 

3. Water, Water, Water

When we're not sweating in the summer sun, it can be easy to let your water intake decrease. To keep your skin glowing and moisturized, make sure you're drinking lots of H2O! 

4. Remove Makeup With Oil

Some makeup removers contain harsh ingredients which can further irritate skin that's already dry. Instead, try removing your makeup with coconut or olive oil to moisturize skin at the same time.

5. Try A Serum

Face serums are all the rage right now, and for good reason. They contain a heavy dose of moisture in only a little bit of formula, making them great to use after a shower. 

6. Take Care Of Your Lips

When it comes to skincare, don't forget about your lips! Regularly exfoliate them to get rid of dead skin so moisture really locks in when you apply a balm

7. Turn Down The Temperature 

There's nothing like a scalding hot shower when you've got a chill, but super high temps only make skin drier. Opt for a lukewarm shower instead to protect your skin and hair. 

8. Avoid Face Wipes

Although face wipes are super convenient when you're in a rush, many of them contain alcohol, which can irritate and dry out skin. It might be best to pack them away for the winter. 

9. Sleep With A Humidifier 

Our skin seems to feel driest when we're sleeping, so humidifiers are the perfect solution. They release moisture into the air in the form of a light mist, which soothes dry throats and skin. 

10. Know Your Products 

Winter is the season to pay attention to skincare products. Although gel moisturizers work well and appear light under makeup, cream moisturizers are generally much more effective for dry, irritated skin.

11. Give The Cleanser A Rest 

Cleansers are part of most people's skincare routines, yet they can strip skin of what little moisture it has during the winter. It's wise to avoid cleaners containing salicylic acid when skin is already dry. 

12. Avoid Irritants 

Fabrics containing wool and certain laundry detergents can further irritate dry skin. Opt for itch-free, breathable fabrics like cotton, and look for detergents geared towards sensitive skin.

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