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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

16 Hilarious Tweets That Prove It's Not Just Your Relationship

16 Hilarious Tweets That Prove It's Not Just Your Relationship

Relationships do funny things to people. You basically find a person you like more than all the other people and then block off a ton of time that you spend exclusively with them. It doesn't take long to discover your partner's weird habits, and to see their patterns of behavior emerge. 
Of course, the longer you're together, the stranger relationships become. The absurd situations we find ourselves in can sometimes leave us questioning whether everyone else's relationships are this ridiculous.
Luckily, the following tweets should reassure you that it's not just you!

1. Sometimes it's good to have someone around to keep you in check (read: in touch with reality).

Of course, you don't want someone cutting you down either. It's all about balance.

2. Ugh! This is my life.

In my opinion, this is the definition of marriage. This is why it takes 2 years to get the toilet to stop running. Just. call. the. guy!

3. Honestly, this is just relationship goals.

If your man is observant enough to recognize you're more emotional than usual and then takes steps to help you feel better, lock it down!

4. Yasss! Know your worth, girl!

This is also just smart. Why set your boyfriend up for failure by providing a full 10 point scale? Really though, if he's dating you, his answer should automatically be 10!

5. The struggle is real!

When you put a morning person with a night owl, it's gonna cause some issues. I, for one, cannot understand why anyone would wake up early when they don't have to.

6. There was a spot, right there!

This has become a joke between my husband and I. No matter where he parks, it will not be where I wanted him to park. I can't help it.

7. I used to think puns were reserved for dads of a certain age.

I know better now. There's something about a long term relationship that unlocks a man's inner dad-joke vault.

8. After a while, you stop trying to score points by sharing.

You'll notice your partner always takes some of your food, even when they say they aren't hungry. So you go on the defense.

9. There seems to always be a spender and a saver in each relationship, which can make it super tricky to create a budget.

We seem to flip back and forth in my relationship.

10. Sometimes, one partner is more image driven than the other.

I'm not gonna say that women have better style sense, I'm just saying I've never seen a woman wear socks and sandals.

11. So true. We love them but, like, get lost.

We can be so contradictory sometimes, but we'll never admit it. We just want all the attention when we're in the mood. 

12. Ha! Not the right kind of "date".

I've known people like this. I personally could never be with someone who's jealous and possessive. But it makes you wonder how they got that way to begin with, doesn't it?

13. Proof that the longer you're together, the less likely your partner is to tell you what you want to hear. 

I guess honesty is a great quality to have in a partner, though.

14. Boundaries, people! Boundaries!

They say you need to keep a bit of mystery in a relationship in order to keep the romance alive. Part of maintaining that mystery requires boundaries. Not to mention the simple fact that sharing nasal spray is disgusting. 

15. Anyone else out there have a partner who refuses to spend money on anything?

I can understand not wanting to blow money on lavish trips or expensive clothes, but I would consider a bed pretty basic on the "creature comforts" scale.

16. I think this is true of all relationships, no matter what your status.

If you mess with my dessert, I will mess you up. Desserts and sharing are two things that just do not go together.

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