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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Celebrities Are Sharing Their Google Arts & Culture Doppelgängers And They're So Perfect

Celebrities Are Sharing Their Google Arts & Culture Doppelgängers And They're So Perfect

By now you may have heard of the new Google Arts & Culture app. It has a cool feature that lets you upload a selfie, and it'll do its best to find your famous art doppelgänger. 
So many celebs have been having fun with this, and they're sharing their results with us — and they're just so perfect.

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar wasn't too sure about her match, but we totally see the resemblance.

Look close! It's in the eyes, right? I definitely see some vampire slayer in there. 

2. Amanda Seyfried's match isn't too far off, either!

They've both got that porcelain skin look pretty spot-on. 
Now we need Amanda to take a trip over to the Art Gallery of New South Wales to see the painting in person.

3. We're pretty impressed with Kumail Nanjiani's match at 59%!

Is it just me, or does anyone see a little bit of Adam Driver in the painting too? I think it's the impressive flow that's happening.

4. We honestly can't stop laughing at who Alyssa Milano was matched with.

The best part is that we totally see the similarity, but don't tell her we said that. Be cool.

5. Pete Wentz shared a bunch of different matches he had and this one is our fav.

"All kinds of things happening here," he wrote, and he's not wrong.
We're super happy that celebs are on board with this app because it's bringing us so much joy.

6. We'll admit that we're kind of disappointed that the app didn't capture Kate Hudson's gorgeous cheek bones, but whatever. 

At least she's rocking a way better haircut than this boy is.

7. Jim Parsons' match isn't too bad, either.

Can't you just picture the man in the painting saying things like "Bazinga" and being constantly socially awkward, but you're still his friend because he's always around?

8. We have a feeling that Minnie Driver's wasn't actually a 100% match, but it's pretty impressive that the app picks up on your facial expressions.

Let's just hope that you don't get compared to "The Scream" when you're looking your best.

9. Jimmy Kimmel got in on the fun.

We're okay with this match; it's not that far off, although the painting could use a bit more of a beard. He'd probably rock it, tbh.

10. Of course, if Jimmy took part in the fun, Guillermo had to as well.

I'm so happy they got the mustache pretty much on point here. 
Is anyone else obsessed with Guillermo or is that just me?

11. This app claims that this is only a 32% match with Kristen Bell, but we fully disagree.

Obviously every detail is spot-on, from the sculpted bone structure to the silky hair and the eyes full of wisdom. #NailedIt

12. Zach Braff's match has been the most accurate in this list so far, obviously.

And we're glad that Brad Pitt is considered "fine art" by Google (just kidding, but we do think it's about time society caught up).

13. Sarah Silverman struck her best pose and the result is basically a mirror image.

By the way, I wanted to know why the painting was called "Boy with a Carrot" and in the full image, he is, in fact, holding a full carrot.

14. She also shared an even more flattering pic — and honestly, this is the comedy we came for.

Although it's only a 37% match, we still see the resemblance. 
Sarah is prettier, though.

15. Mayim Bialik's wasn't too shabby!

"She does have a Roman nose," she wrote
You know, she's right. I think the woman in this painting would be a great actress and genius, all at the same time.

16. Kelly Ripa got in on the action and, minus the darker hair color, hers wasn't too bad!

Have you tried this app out yet? SHARE your results with us in the comments!

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