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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Instagram Star Has Words For Trolls Saying Her Boyfriend Is 'Too Hot' For Her

Instagram Star Has Words For Trolls Saying Her Boyfriend Is 'Too Hot' For Her

People have never been shy to give their two cents on what they see across social media, especially when it comes to Instagram stars with large followings. These people are willing to share their lives with the world, often to be torn down by trolls who want to see them fail. But social media can also be a positive way to share stories, experiences, and important messages. 

When trolls started commenting on an Instagram star's relationshipwith her boyfriend, she turned her platform into an opportunity to share a message about body positivity with the world.

Melissa (or "Melly," as she's known online) is an Instagrammer who often showcases her relationship with her boyfriend.

After posting a New Year's Eve photo of the two of them kissing at midnight, Melly began to receive comments and messages about how her boyfriend was "out of her league." 

The photo of Melly and her boyfriend garnered a lot of attention from trolls who claimed that he was more attractive than her, primarily because of her size.

Which is pretty ridiculous, because love knows no size.

While the comments have since been deleted, Melly took this as an opportunity to continue to shed light on the body positivity movement, letting trolls know how "natural and right" their relationship feels. That's something only the two of them can share.

We wish Melly and Johnathan all the best as they tackle those haters together 💗

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