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Thursday 11 January 2018

Justin Timberlake's Glo Up Is Seriously Incredible

Justin Timberlake's Glo Up Is Seriously Incredible

Justin Timberlake has held a piece of our hearts since his *NSYNC days, and he has only continued to take more of it over as he releases better music as the years have gone by.
When it comes to Justin, it's safe to say that his music isn't the only thing that's been blessed with a glo up.

When we were first introduced to Justin, we loved him despite his oh-so-'90s hairstyle.

Did any of us really question the bleached curls?

I guess it was the "style" at the time, and shame on us for allowing it, honestly.

On the bright side, there was nowhere to go but up, right?

Eventually, he shed the pierced ears and curly-haired look for something a bit more sophisticated.

We were so here for this.

He tried out the slicked-back flow, and our hearts grew three sizes that day.

Soon, the scruff was a staple part of his look, and we were perfectly okay with this.

Also, he seems to be fully aware that men and babies are a VERY attractive combination.

More recently, we're seeing a hybrid look of his 2006 haircut mixed with the 2015 scruff. It's totally working for him.

I guess it just goes to show that you should never judge a man by his hair, right?

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