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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Sarah Silverman Just Befriended A Troll Who Insulted Her, And We Should All Take Notes

Sarah Silverman Just Befriended A Troll Who Insulted Her, And We Should All Take Notes

The internet can be a pretty brutal place, especially if you're a smart, talented, and strong woman.
Sarah Silverman is all three, so she's definitely no stranger to the cruelty of online trolls, but recently, she responded to an attacker in a way that has got people talking. 
We could all definitely learn something from Sarah because this is incredible. 

It all started when Sarah tweeted this explanation to another user who questioned her ability to understand Trump supporters. 

Silverman recently talked about trying to understand Trump supporters in an interview with Bust Magazine. 

So of course, that prompted all of the trolls to chime in. 

One troll used some pretty graphic language, but Sarah decided to respond in a way that took a lot of people by surprise. 

Instead of ignoring his comment or calling him out, Sarah scrolled through his Twitter feed and realized they had something in common.

They both suffered from back pain. Sarah also encouraged the user to "choose love." 

But the user, who goes by "Jeremy Jamrozy" on Twitter, revealed he has trouble "choosing love" because of a sexual assault he experienced in his youth. 

"I can't find peace," wrote Jeremy. 

Sarah was clearly moved by Jeremy's response. 

It's important to note that Sarah had no obligation to engage in this conversation, especially after he insulted her.
However, she was not only empathetic towards Jeremy but she also looked for ways to help him.

Sarah reached out to him again to see if he need any help. 

Jeremy's Twitter bio is "just a junkie wit a monkey," which is what probably prompted this specific question. 
"I'm prescribed medications which I take accordingly," responded Jeremy. 

But Sarah didn't stop there. She continued to empathize with Jeremy and urged him to try attending a support group. 

Honestly, this is just the best interaction on Twitter, and it keeps getting better.

 Not only did Jeremy say he would try going to a support group, he also apologized for trolling Sarah in the first place. 

Who said that you couldn't change people's minds on the internet? 

But, of course, Sarah was never bothered by his initial insult. 

Okay, I seriously need Sarah Silverman to give me a pep talk like this because it's a work of art.

Jeremy was obviously pretty taken aback by Sarah's kind kindness. 

I mean, who wouldn't be! 
Sarah explained that she saw his "rage and pain" and knew there was more to him. 

Sarah and Jeremy kept interacting and even started to joke with each other. 

And then Sarah, who has 12.4 million followers on Twitter, then asked her fans to help find medical support for Jeremy.

A ton of people responded.

By now, a lot of people were following the incredibly interaction. 
A company called Airrosti that "specializes in eliminating pain" even reached out to Jeremy about his back pain.  

When it turned out that Jeremy's back problems were worse than they thought, Sarah helped drum up support for his GoFundMe page. 

Jeremy hoped to raise $150 dollars for his medical bills, but he has received over $3,000 in donations!
I'm not crying, you're crying.  

Jeremy has since tweeted how thankful he is for all of the support. 

A lot of people were inspired by Sarah's response and acknowledge that this easily could have been a very different interaction. 
Thankfully, Sarah took the high road. 
The interaction between Jeremy and Sarah has certainly got a lot of people talking about how we can respond to people who try to hurt us on social media. 
We are so impressed with Sarah for choosing be patient and kind when she absolutely did not have to.

Never change, Sarah. 

Twitter would be a much nicer place if more interactions went down this way.
What do you think about Sarah's response? COMMENT and let us know, and TAG a friend! 

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