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Saturday, 6 January 2018

There Are People Trying To Make Mismatched Shoes A Thing, And We Have A Lot Of Questions

There Are People Trying To Make Mismatched Shoes A Thing, And We Have A Lot Of Questions

A new trend has hit the streets: wearing mismatched shoes. As in, wearing two different styles and/or colors of shoes, like a toddler by mistake, except on purpose. 
It's been spotted on fashion blogs, and maybe even your office.
Of course, we have a ton of questions, and we need some answers about this trending fashion statement, like how it even started.

When did this happen? 

Did someone famous get dressed in the dark one day and the look just stuck? Kind of like Regina George's nipple holes in Mean Girls

Are you walking okay?

How many different pairs are the exact same height? This must be what 50 Cent was rapping about when he said he walked with a limp. 

Do you get questioned constantly? 

When you're wearing two different shoes, people must point it out all day and question your fashion choices.  

Is there uneven wear and tear? 

If you're wearing a left shoe more than the right, scuffs are bound to happen, leaving one more worn. Or do you wear one mismatched pair and then equal opposites the next day?

Is it appropriate for work?

Do you take this style to professional settings like work? Meetings? The different colored pair is bound to be a distraction from your PowerPoint presentation.

Do your feet hurt?

Walking around all day in two different styles is bound to pinch your little piggies! Can you use extra cushions in one shoe without the other? 

Does it look good?

Do you look in the mirror with this trend and think, "Dang my outfit is on point today!"? Seriously, we've got to know the answer to this! 

Is any outfit fair game?

Can you mismatch your shoes with any old garb? Or do you have to wait for the perfect getup in order to mix and switch? 

Is it considered dressy or casual? 

Or can you make it work across the board? Do you find the best two pairs and work your way up from there? 

Do you buy your shoes with the intention of mixing?

As in, do you head to the store knowing you will wear only one at a time? 


Finally, we have to know, why this is cool? Is it a power clashing thing? Just for shoes? Or what?!
We don't quite get it, but go forth and do your thing! 

Despite all the questions, at the end of the day, we salute you.

You go, girl! No matter what the masses are saying, rock the fashion choices you want and just do you. 
COMMENT and let us know if you'd try the mismatched shoe trend! 

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