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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

These Movies Turn 20 In 2018, And Now We Feel Incredibly Old

These Movies Turn 20 In 2018, And Now We Feel Incredibly Old

Along with all you 1998 babies, some incredible movies happen to be turning 20 this year.
And let me tell you, you will be shocked to learn that they too are now two entire decades old.
Just fair warning: By the end of this, you will feel as old as a dinosaur.

1. Mulan

Our all-time favorite gender equality-themed tale of a young maiden who secretly goes into disguise as a male to take her father's place in war. 
Happy 20th, Mulan!

2. The Parent Trap

We haven't forgotten Lindsay Lohan's first big break on The Parent Trap.
Playing these identical twins was one of her most iconic roles!

3. Armageddon

Remember Bruce Willis protecting the planet from an asteroid? And of course, your favorite slow jam, "Leaving On A Jet Plane"? 
Count us in, every single time.

4. Godzilla

Yes, this movie is one of many films depicting everyone's fav giant reptilian destroying the city.
They never get old though, do they?

5. A Bug's Life

OK, I couldn't resist going back to the good stuff. 
This was also the year that Antz came out. Did 1998 have some sort of bug obsession?

6. The Truman Show

This mind-blowing reality portrayed by Jim Carrey has him playing an insurance salesman who discovers his entire life is actually a television show (aka a millennial's dream).

7.  There's Something About Mary

Tell me you remember that cringe-worthy scene with Cameron Diaz' hair?
To be fair, there are a few scenes that are hard to forget.

8. The Wedding Singer

If you didn't live through the '80s, you wanted to after seeing this classic comedy. You also wanted a wedding singer of your own.
Robbie and Julia, forever! 

9. Rush Hour

Name a better duo...YOU LITERALLY CAN'T.
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker had more chemistry than Jack and Rose. Too far

10. A Night at the Roxbury

This Saturday Night Live! sketch turned into one of the best comedies of all time.

11. The Waterboy

Another Adam Sandler classic, and a true underdog story.
This type of comedy can never be replicated, but can definitely be watched repeatedly!

12. Psycho

While this isn't the Hitchcock version, Psycho retells the story of a young female on the run who finds herself at the Bates Motel...

13. I'll Be Home for Christmas

'90s JTT has us swooning! 
This wasn't the only Christmas movie that graced our screens that year — Jack Frost came out, as well. 

14. Dr. Dolittle

Some Eddie Murphy realness bringing you a doctor who discovers that he can communicate with animals. 
This movie had us LOLing before we even knew what LOL meant. 

15. Stepmom

Anything Julia Roberts touches turns to gold, and Stepmom is no exception. Ain't no mountain high enough, baby! 
Is anyone else feeling a strong urge to watch all of these movies again?

16. Patch Adams

If you weren't feeling nostalgic, you sure are now!
The true story of Hunter Patch Adams, the most lovable doctor on the big screen.

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