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Monday, 15 January 2018

Why Some People Can’t Roll Their R’s

Why Some People Can’t Roll Their R’s

The world is a lot more complex than people realize. There are over seven billion people living on Earth, speaking a ton of different languages. That can make communication pretty hard, though English has been adopted as the "world's language," and is being taught in the majority of countries. For many native English speakers, there are a lot of things that are hard to do in other languages. Something like rolling your "Rs," is actually something that many people struggle with. How come this is even an issue? 
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What are we talking about again? Oh yeah, rolling "Rs." (Not you, Ralph!)

For all of us R-rolling people, it's a mystery as to why other people are unable to do it.
 One reason is because of language (thanks, Mom and Dad).
 Certain languages (such as English) don't use a rolled R.
 As a result, certain muscles never develop in the tongue.
 If you're too old when you try to learn, it can be extremely difficult.

That's because the muscles haven't developed and your native phonology is a part of you.

 Now get out there and roll yourself to freedom!
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