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Monday 26 February 2018

15 Places Every Movie Addict Should Add To Their Bucket List

15 Places Every Movie Addict Should Add To Their Bucket List

We all have a bucket list of places in the world we desire to see one day. But have you ever thought about basing some of those spots on your favorite movies?
Just think about it. How cool would it be to see Luke Skywalker's house? Or where Patrick Swayze had the time of his life? Or how about the exact spot where Elliot and E.T. took flight?
Well get your list out and take note.

1. Los Angeles, California 

It's no secret that La La land is where movies are made. Some make it obvious, like the literal movie La La Land, where we see everything the city has to offer, from the hills to the traffic.

Some movies are more subtle about location.

E.T. was also filmed in Los Angeles and surrounding suburbs. At the corner of White Oak Boulevard and Tulsa Street in Granada Hills, you can relive the moment Elliot’s bike takes off into the sky!

2. Maya Bay, Thailand

Maya Bay in Ko Phi Phi is where Leonardo DiCaprio found himself filming The Beach. If you make the trip, you'll find it's quite the adventure — the adventure of many other tourists as well.

3. Namibia

While the first three Mad Max films were filmed in Australia, Fury Road shot in the South African country of Namibia. To get the authentic feel of a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the production moved, making all the difference.

4. New York, New York 

New York City is another no brainer! From the classic Rear Window, which was inspired by a real house on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village, to The Godfather, which used the city to bring the 1940s back to life.

5. The Mountain Lake Lodge, Pembroke, Virginia

This lodge provided the location of Kellerman’s in Dirty Dancing. If you visit, the resort actually hosts Dirty Dancing–themed weekends. You can even bunk where Baby and her family did!!

6. Vancouver, British Columbia

Hollywood North is home to many favorites, including Jumanji, Twilight, 2014's Godzilla, and the second instalment of Deadpool. Vancouver wears many hats in film, often cheating for San Francisco and Seattle. They've even faked it for Tokyo and the Philippines!

7. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

One word: Jaws. In 1974, Steven Spielberg transformed Martha’s Vineyard into the fictional town of Amity. Steven used some of Martha’s Vineyard’s real local spots, including the Town Hall and hardware store.

8. New Zealand

New Zealand has been thriving with Lord of the Rings tours ever since the movies began. Over 150 local locations were used. How cool would it be to see the landscapes of Middle-earth with your own eyes?

9. The Marriott Marquis Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia

This is where you'll find The Hunger Games' Tributes' Quarters and Training Center. The hotel was chosen for its enormous atrium and glass elevators. They even built a set on the roof for some of the filming! 

10. England

If you're a Harry Potter fan, England is a must-visit destination! Not only is Platform 9 3/4 actually at King's Cross station in London, but you can see Hogwarts at several locations like Christ Church College and Cathedral in Oxford.

11. Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, Oregon

If you're a horror film fan, you'll want to see the lodge used for the exterior and establishing shots of The Shining. The inspiration for The Overlook Hotel was actually The Stanley Hotel, a Colonial hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.

12. Chicago, Illinois

In 1986, John Hughes' wrote a love letter to Chicago when he directed Ferris Bueller's Day Off. He paid tribute to the city by exploring places like Wrigley Field, Daley Plaza, and the Willis Tower. It's a pretty cool place to spend the day off. 

13. Adrere Amellal, Siwa, Egypt

This eco-friendly resort in Egypt was home to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. It played the character of the planet Tatooine. Nearby in Tunisia lives the Sidi Driss Hotel, another location for several scenes in the film.

14. Northern Ireland

It's no secret that Ireland is home to all Game of Thrones locations. Old Castle Ward in Belfast plays as Winterfell, and nearby is Audley’s Field & Castle, where Robb Stark kept his army. The list goes on and on!

15. Petra, Jordan

Harrison Ford and Sean Connery filmed several scenes from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in Petra. The movie's Canyon of the Crescent Moon was made on the eastern entrance to the city. This is definitely going on my list!

Will YOU be adding any of these to your bucket list? COMMENT and let us know!

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