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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Kylie Jenner All Set To Release A Makeup Line Inspired By Her Daughter, Stormi

Kylie Jenner All Set To Release A Makeup Line Inspired By Her Daughter, Stormi

Kylie Jenner's daughter isn't even a month old yet, but she already has more money than all of us combined. And to make you feel even more insignificant, she now has an entire makeup collection named after her. 
That's right! Kylie Cosmetics is releasing a makeup line inspired by the one and only Stormi. The "Weather Collection" will launch on February 28, and people are pretty excited about the whole thing. 

As per usual, the first people to get all fired up about the launch of the Weather Collection took to Twitter to express their excitement. 

Although the makeup line isn't called the "Stormi Collection," it might as well be when you see the names of the eyeshadow palettes. 

And although we're super excited about the launch, this Twitter user voiced exactly what we've all been thinking. 

This baby is about to be the heir to one of the biggest, most successful beauty brands in existence. Couldn't she have debuted the swatches? 

Anyways, the Weather Collection will feature a wide range of products including eyeshadow palettes, matte lipsticks, glitter eyeshadow duos, and loose powder highlighter. 

Why name a single lip kit after your baby when you can simply dedicate an entire makeup line to her? 

The first eyeshadow palette in the collection is called "Eye of the Storm."

It features 10 matte and metallic shadows in a variety of bold and neutral shades. The sapphire blue, emerald green, and glittery black would make quite the smoky eye. 

The second eyeshadow palette in the collection is called "Calm Before the Storm," and it features 10 lighter, softer, and more colorful shades. 

These playful colors are very uncharacteristic of Kylie, but we are totally loving them. 

The collection will also include two glitter eyeshadow duos.

These creamy, metallic shades are "Destiny" and "Violet Moon." There are also two lighter, more golden shades called "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Superstar."

And as Kylie knows all too well, no makeup collection is complete with at least one amazing highlighter. 

The "Lightning Bolt Ultra Glow" loose pressed highlighter promises to deliver a beautiful all-over glow. 

For this dramatic look, Kylie is sporting the "Calm Before the Storm" palette and the "Flash" lip gloss. 

Don't forget, the Weather Collection will be available to shop on February 28! 

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