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Sunday, 25 February 2018

We Ranked The Marvel Movies From Worst To Best, But You Probably Won't Agree With Us

We Ranked The Marvel Movies From Worst To Best, But You Probably Won't Agree With Us

I, like most people on the planet, love the Marvel movies. They are epic, funny, and (at times) deeply moving. 
As fans, we've watched this franchise grow into something pretty special, so it's only natural that these movies mean a lot to us. 
That being said, some of these movies lowkey suck. 

I know that movies are super subjective, so I don't expect everyone to agree with me on this. 

The films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) are incredibly beloved, and there's a good possibility that I hated your fave. Sorry! 
Just drag me in the comments for my bad taste, or whatever you need to do to make yourself feel better. 

As of right now, Marvel has released a staggering 18 movies that are part of the MCU.

And six more movies have been announced for the future, including two new Avengers movies.
When you remember that Iron Man (the first official MCU movie) only came out in 2008, that's actually pretty crazy. 
Anyway, here's my ranking from worst to best... 

#18. Thor

This might strike some as a controversial opinion, but the first Thor film sucks the most.
Thor's arc is painfully predictable, the dialogue is awkward, and the climactic battle against that robot dude is laughable. It's super obvious when rewatching Thor that the MCU wasn't quite sure where the Norse god fit into their story. 

#17. Thor: The Dark World

I'm sorry, Thor fans.
I'm ranking Thor: The Dark World as slightly better than Thor because Loki is actually really great in it. In fact, Loki and Thor's weird relationship is literally the only good part of the Thor movies. 
Dark World is a flawed and often boring movie that relied wayyy too much on CGI, but at least Asgard was fun to look at. 

#16. The Incredible Hulk 

Remember when Edward Norton — not Mark Ruffalo — played Hulk on the big screen? Yeah, that happened.
This movie isn't a complete disaster, but it's close. Norton is totally fine in the role, but Abomination is a seriously underwhelming CGI mess. But hey, it's better than the version with Eric Bana.

#15. Iron Man 3

I know there are a lot of people out there who love this movie, and I love them for loving it, but it just doesn't do it for me. 
The third act with glow-stick Pepper Potts is kind of a bummer, but I do appreciate that it gave us some additional insight into Tony's psyche.  

#14. Iron Man 2 

I'm putting Iron Man 2 above Iron Man 3 literally just because of that Black Widow scene. I mean, since she still doesn't have her own movie, we have to take what we can get! 
It's certainly nowhere near as charming or fun as the first Iron Man, but it's not terrible!

#13. Ant-Man 

Okay, so it pains me to put Ant-Man this far down the list, but hear me out. 
Ant-Man is silly and fun and everything that a comic book movie should be, but it owes a lot of its success to its secondary cast. I'm looking at you, Michael Pena! 
Darren Cross was just meh as a villain, but at least that toy fight was cool as heck. 

#12. Doctor Strange 

Doctor Strange is definitely one of the better standalone Marvel movies, so we have to give it credit for that. Its whole psychedelic vibe is dazzling, and Benedict Cumberbatch totally sells all the silly mysticism stuff.
However, it's also super unfortunate that this film is a perfect example of Hollywood's annoying need to whitewash the heck out of everything. We're looking at you, Tilda Swinton. 

#11. Avengers: Age of Ultron

Honestly, there's not much about this movie that I don't like. It's great. 
Yes, it's a pretty generic superhero flick, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. All the Avengers have such great chemistry in this film, whether they're fighting or partying, and it's a joy to watch. 
Also, James Spader was born to play an insane, egotistical robot

#10. The Avengers

It's impossible to overstate what a milestone moment this movie was for the MCU. It's honestly a miracle that this movie worked as well as it did.
Sure, Loki wasn't perfect, but he was pretty close. Same goes for the final battle in New York.
Also, I could easily watch five hours of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner just geeking out together. 

#9. Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 

I'm a sucker for action movies with compelling ensemble casts, so, despite its flaws, I'm sold on this movie.
The whole crew is great, and Mantis is a welcome addition. I was not a fan of Kurt Russell's weird space ghost moments, but the tension between Ego and Chris Pratt's Star Lord felt real, so I'm willing to forgive it. 
Also, the music ruled.

#8. Captain America: The First Avenger 

This movie gets a bad rap because the Red Skull is pretty lame, but that's just wrong. This movie is underrated and emotional devastating.
My heart stops every single time li'l baby Steve Rogers jumps on that grenade. Also, the film's final moment when Steve realizes what happened and says "I had a date" never fails to break me. 

#7. Spider-Man: Homecoming 

I love this movie for really doing Spider-Man justice. Tom Holland is honestly perfect as our favorite wise-cracking, web-slinging wall-crawler. Dancers make great superheros. 
Michael Keaton is also great — especially when he's not wearing his Vulture gear. It's also super fun to watch Tony Stark play Peter Parker's reluctant surrogate dad.
Unfortunately, the final fight between Vulture and Spidey is pretty shaky and generic. 

#6. Iron Man 

This movie blew all of our collective minds when it came out in 2008, and it still holds up. Robert Downey Jr. crushes it, the action is awesome, and it kicked off this wild ride that we've been on ever since.
I mean, I don't really have to defend Iron Man do I? Marvel got pretty much everything right in this one.

#5. Thor: Ragnarok 

Yes! A good Thor movie!
Thor: Ragnarok finally figured out what to do with Thor, and it is awesome. It lets Chris Hemsworth flex his comedic chops, which was an incredibly smart move. The dude is funny!
From start to finish, this movie is a roaring good time. It also gets mad bonus points for having compelling female characters — especially Valkyrie. 

#4. Captain America: Civil War 

I will literally not stand for any Civil War hate. Don't test me. 
I'll be the first to admit that Zemo's evil plan is totally bananas, but he's nevertheless my second favorite Marvel villain. 
Cap, Bucky, and Falcon are awesome, as usual, but it's Robert Downey Jr. who really crushes it. I will never get over how he says, "I don't care. He killed my mom." It's devastating. 

#3. Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 1

Honestly, my only issue with this movie is how forgettable Ronan is. Like, I've literally forgotten about him multiple times and had to look him up. 
Other than that, Guardians is a blast. It's funny, but also has a lot of heart. It lowkey changed the face of the MCU, and it was the first Marvel movie to really use comedy effectively.

#2. Black Panther 

This movie is so, so good. Michael B. Jordan is by far the best villain in the MCU to date. Honestly, I'm worried that Thanos won't hold a candle to his Killmonger. 
Wakanda is beautiful, and every single cast member is a scene-stealer — especially the incredible Princess Shuri. 

#1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 

Don't @ me. 
The stakes are incredibly high in this movie, but what really makes it the best movie in the MCU is the conflict between everyone's favorite buff and beautiful 90-year-old Captain America and Bucky. Also, Falcon and Black Widow are dope.

How do you rank the Marvel movies? COMMENT and let us know, and TAG a friend! 

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