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Saturday, 10 March 2018

19 Things We Never Knew About The 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers'

19 Things We Never Knew About The 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers'

It’s happening! The Power Rangers movie is soon-to-be-released and, try as I might, I can’t contain my excitement. Now that producers are breathing new life into our favorite teenage heroes, it’s time to delve into the past to take a look at the original series and uncover some of the coolest facts about the team we knew and loved.

1. The show was based on the Japanese superhero show, Super Sentai.

The American show incorporated action sequences from the Japanese series to provide the fight scenes for each episode. In season one, most of the scenes featuring the Rangers in their power suits are taken directly from the Japanese show.

2. There’s a reason Zordon’s mouth doesn’t always sync up with the dialogue… and it’s not because of your TV.

Even though he’s a recurring character throughout the series, the show’s creators only filmed David Fielding as Zordon once. Rather than go to the expense of filming him for each episode, they simply had Fielding come to the studio to record dialogue.

3. You can visit Power Ranger Command!

Though the building looks completely alien, it’s actually a real structure! The lair is located at the American Jewish University in Simi Valley, California. The school uses the building as an event space and art museum.

 Who didn't get pumped when they heard these words?

You’ll never guess who was almost written off the show before the end of the first season!

4. The entire original cast were true athletes and did many of their own stunts!

Austin St. John (Jason), Walter Jones (Zack), Thuy Trang (Trini), and Jason Frank (Tommy) were all experienced martial artists before the series. David Yost (Billy) and Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly) were gymnasts. No wonder their fight sequences looked so convincing!

5. Speaking of weapons, I always wondered why their Blade Blasters stayed holstered throughout season two.

Apparently, Saban received enough complaints from parents who thought the weapons were too violent and resembled real guns a bit too closely.

6. Jason David Frank’s Green Ranger was not supposed to be a permanent addition to the cast.

He was only supposed have a short guest role, but after his first appearance, fans made it clear that he needed to stay. I mean, who didn’t love that dagger whistle? And, let's be honest, he had the coolest Zord.

So glad the Green Ranger stuck around!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers made almost every kid want to learn martial arts... and they even made it possible!

7. The pilot episode originally featured a different Yellow Ranger.

Before they settled on Thuy Trang’s version of Trini, Audri Dubois secured the role. The producers decided to recast the role, giving way to the Trini we know and love.

8. Did you know that the person wearing the Yellow Ranger suit in the Japanese action scenes was male?

That explains why the Pink Ranger is the only one to wear a skirt in the action scenes…

9. You could learn karate from the Green Ranger.

In its heyday, Power Rangers had an official fan club, merchandise, AND an official karate club led by none other than Jason Frank himself. Not gonna lie… I totally owned those tapes!

Everyone knew the Power Rangers could kick some legit butt.

There was only one actor of high school age on the show.

10. Bryan Cranston lent his vocal talents to the show.

The Breaking Bad star played Twinman and Snizard. I always thought there was something familiar about his voice!

11. During the first season, Austin St. John (Jason) was the only actor under age 19.

He was 18 when the show premiered while the rest of his cast mates were college-aged. At the time, I thought everyone over the age of 15 looked like adults, so I doubt most viewers even noticed.

12. Alpha 5 is the only character to make an appearance in each episode.

While other cast members took an occasional break, Richard Steven Horvitz proudly sported his costume in all 155 episodes of the ENTIRE Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. Talk about dedication!

Alpha 5 was the real hero of the show.

13. The juice bar was almost NOT a thing.

Let’s be honest… Ernie was one of the best characters in the show, and I can’t imagine a series without him in it.

14. Walter Jones (Zack) improvised his fight scenes.

Rather than relying strictly on choreography and direction from the show’s producers, Jones created his own style of fighting, blending elements of dance and martial arts together.

15. Despite being best friends on TV, Austin St. John and Jason David Frank were rivals in real life.

The feud seems to have continued for years! Maybe their inner Rangers will encourage the two to patch things up?

C'mon guys, Power Rangers stick together! 

16. Even though there have been many reboots and incarnations of the show, the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was voted the best version by fans in 2004. 

The original show came out on top in a 2004 ABC Family poll. 

17. Celebrities would frequently drop by the set.

Mike Myers and Jean-Claude Van Damme were just a few of the famous faces who visited the Power Rangers. 

18. The Pink Ranger was originally written as a stereotypical "dumb blonde." 

Actress Amy Jo Johnson incorporated her own gymnastics skills and love of guitar to flesh the character out. 

19. There wasn’t a guarantee that the show would be picked up for a second season.

It’s hard to believe, but Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was not an instant hit. The cast and crew shot an alternative ending for the first season to give fans a sense of closure in case the network decided not to continue the series. Thankfully, it never aired.

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